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It’s hard to believe but it’s almost time for Thanksgiving??!? For any/all office job type of folks, this is great news I think, because you’re almost at the weekend and then only have like two-three days of work until a big long weekend. To all those out there in service jobs/working unusual hours: thank you for your service. Let’s look at some articles!!


We highlighted a bunch of activities for you to check out in DC, DC (gay), and NYC!

We had a nice chat on the phone with the very cool and talented musician Nicole Atkins.

Who better to offer up tips/tricks/general advice on Thanksgiving stuff than professional chefs?? Nobody! That’s why we talked to them!

Emi Grate is our featured Gender Bender of the Week. A raw, outspoken talent if I’ve ever seen one!

We premiered a very nice, compelling new track from Lili St Anne. Highly recommended!

The super funny Debra DiGiovanni is our Funny Human of the Week!

A bunch of your friends here at BYT went to the opening of the Rodarte retrospective at the National Museum of Women in the Arts and took some photos so you can feel like you were there.

We went and saw G Flip in NYC. If you’re not familiar, get familiar, because she’s gonna be huge.

Not on BYT

I love a story of a somewhat thought out scam going sort of poorly in a big, public way. Which is why I was so excited to read about Threatin, a band who bought thousands of fans on social media and lied their way into a UK tour and is currently playing to totally empty venues. Extremely my shit, right here.

So the whole joking about Tide Pods thing is played out and hacky, of course. But like, also, why does Tide insist on packaging their new innovations in laundry soap like food productions?

Bright Wall Dark Room’s Fran Hoepfner went deep on The Truman Show and it’s great.

Enjoy this tale of some raccoons that people thought might have rabies but were actually just drunk.

Remember Vajazzling? Weird stuff.

One way to not be on Facebook as much is to just log off. NY Mag recommended this approach and I just might try it!

The Ringer’s got a real nice longread about Dance Dance Revolution that’s well worth your time.

In closing I feel like I 100% agree with The Outline’s call to nationalize Amazon. Also this article gets the award for best URL text of the week.