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Friends, it’s been another week of like, going to work and looking at the computer. Here are some of the choicest selections of posts unearthed from the content mines over the last five days, from BYT and beyond!



  • #Resistance Twitter is a weird world, man. Tons of painfully earnest Baby Boomers commingling with old-fashioned grifters and con men. This profile of the Krassenstein brothers helps you figure out which type these rising stars of the online libs are.
  • Speaking of politics (I’M SORRY) Jacobin takes a look at what happened to the anti-war movement that was on a bit of an upswing during the Bush era, before dissipating entirely over the last decade.
  • Visionary experimental electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never has a new record coming out soon, Dazed released a chat with him that helps you see what sort of headspace he was in while recording it!
  • The last thing you should do before closing this window and moving on is checking out this poorly worded bench. I can’t stop thinking about it.