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Well hey! Here’s all the stuff we made for you to read this week, and all the stuff I read additionally that you might like to check out, too!


We gave you plans for the weekend in DC, a gay DC, NYC, and Chicago.

We ALSO gave you a preview of AFI Docs 2018!

Katalina Mayorga of El Camino Travel told us why she’s livin’ the career dream.

We announced the Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio at District of Comedy Festival! AND we announced Unseensters After Hours w/ SAAM!

I had a chat to Jared Corder of *repeat repeat about how many striped T-shirts he owns. (Hint: A LOT.)

I also spoke to Kat Cunning about all of the queer things!

Sasya Foods is a startup you should start noticing! Here’s why.

We checked out Pow Pow, and we gotta tell ya, if drunk vegan food is up your alley, you NEED THIS PLACE.

And if you’re more into listening than reading, check out the latest edition of BYT Radio ft. Andrew Grossman of The North Country!

(Plus Petal contributed to our Dream Jukebox! Listen here!)

Meanwhile, if visual vibes are more your jam, check out our photos from Pride, the opening Pride party, and also the Caps parade! Plus we went back into ye olde desert, this time towards Arizona! AND DON’T FORGET WE WENT TO THE RAMMYS!

Not On BYT

Here’s an NY Times Opinion piece about why Anthony Bourdain was the stand-up kind of “bad boy” we needed. And we need more people like him.

If you somehow haven’t read The Cut’s bizarre profile of grifter Anna Delvey yet, please go do it. And do it again. I have lost count of how many times I have re-read it by now.

AHS Story 8 is going to be a Coven x Murder House crossover and OH MY GOD YES PLEASE.

Apparently the Catholic Church makes demonic possessions worse. VICE talked to some occult exorcists about it.

The weird history of hillbilly TV, as profiled by The Bitter Southerner.

Quartz investigates why American airports SUCK DOT COM.

VICE looks at the evolution of feminist zine culture.

That’s all for this week!