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Friends, it was another Mostly Bad Week. Here was some stuff we looked at/talked about to make it more bearable!


We gave you ideas for weekend plans in DC, DC (gay), Chicago, and New York City. Lots of fun stuff happening this 4th of July weekend. Is this weekend 4th of July weekend or is it next weekend

Hey, you like true crime stuff, right? Of course you do. So do we. That’s why we’re throwing Death Becomes Us, a festival of True Crime.

We had a nice, wide-ranging chat with Kristian Bush from Sugarland.

Rory Sheridan from Loud Boyz has a Spuds MacKenzie satin jacket that absolutely rules, but his partner is not into it. Let’s take a deep dive on this point of contention in our new feature, My Partner Wants To Burn This.

You know who has good taste in music, usually? Musicians. We asked Brooklyn’s a place both wonderful and strange to put together a tour playlist of some of their favorite jams to play in the van while out on the road.

Phil Wang was named Funny Human of the Week. He’s good! You’ll like him!

Not On BYT

Plenty of stuff on other websites worth reading this week, as well.

Influential indie record label Drag City is slowly but surely putting Bonnie Prince Billy albums up on streaming services. In honor of Superwolf, the cult favorite collaborative record he did with acclaimed guitarist Matt Sweeney, finally hitting Spotify/Apple Music/etc, GQ interviewed both of the dudes about this fabulous album’s legacy.

One of this week’s few bright lights came via Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic primary victory in New York’s 14th congressional district, running unabashedly progressive platform against an entrenched centrist Democrat. It’s nice to feel good about things for a few hours. Here’s Splinter going deep on the media’s non-coverage of her historic campaign.

It’s the end of June so that means it’s time for websites to take stock of what good movies there were this year. The AV Club did just that this week and there are some quality picks here!

Speaking of lists, Rolling Stone released their list of the 100 greatest songs of the century, so far. They didn’t really blow it that hard, either, there are a bunch of undisputable classics on here.

It’s never not hilarious when someone screws up restoring an old painting. Get a load of St. George’s new look.

This remixed Nancy comic fuckin rules. More Radical Nancy in 2018.

The Takeout put together a totally agreeable and cathartic list of foods that no one should be allowed to eat on a plane.

There’s a chance there’s no limit to human aging, based on a controversial new study. Who would want to be like, 300 years old? What would you do all day?

People talked about Big Dick Energy for like six hours on Tuesday. It’s okay if you missed it.

That’s all for this week!