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It’s been a rough week to be alive in the world. Whether you’re a news junkie, or you’ve been taking a break from Internet, some of the things we read, saw and heard this week made that pit in our stomach grow five sizes like a really messed up Dr. Seuss story. Hopefully, some of these stories will take your mind off things, even if it’s only for a little while.


We previewed Music Box Theatre’s Cinepocalypse! Nothing has made me wish I lived in Chicago more.

Here are some very fun photos of the baseball nerds / political nerds at the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.

Our NYC Pride Guide has all the info you need to have the best possible Pride (if you live in NYC that is).

I spent an hour (or two) rummaging through the liquor shelves of Matt Strickland, the head distiller at District Distilling Co.

We talked wine with the folks behind Right Proper. Someone please get me a drink.

Not On BYT

This was in yesterdays DC News, but Washingtonian has an interesting story that breaks down the restaurant protest of Kirstjen Nielsen and what it means for politicians vaguely anonymous D.C. lives.

This Rolling Stones profile about what Johnny Depp is up to nowadays is a real doozy.

BYT Founder Svetlana told me to read this NY Times story about Ocean’s 8 after I asked her how she felt about the film. It’s a goodie.

If you’re looking to feel sad and angry about something new, The Guardian has a very good story about the people that die working on superyachts.

And Vice talks about the connection between aliens and global warming in the Arctic / Antarctic. It’s less weird than I’m making it sound.

That’s all for this week!