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Hi, it’s me, Megan Burns! What a week we had! The planet is fucked! But at least the week is nearly over now, and you can enjoy a nice weekend. Here are some things to read while you sit through the last few hours at work before it’s time to go home.


We gave you a bunch of options to maximize your fun activity quotient in DC, DC (gay), Chicago, and NYC!

Alan Zilberman also interviewed Bo Burnham about his amazing new film, Eighth Grade!

While it’s not “reading”, we still want you to check out all our rad photos of you guys at our Unseensters After Hours event at SAAM last week!

We had some funny humans to gush about this week INCLUDING Ophira Eisenberg, Catie Lazarus, Amanda Seales and Melissa Villaseñor!

Here’s everything you should watch (and listen to, and drink) to get ready for District of Comedy!

I saw Radiohead at MSG and it was not ideal! [INSERT NO SURPRISES JOKE HERE!]

Here’s a drool-worthy review of China Chilcano’s ceviche!

And while we’re talking food, here’s some vegan news that even carnivores will care about!


Not On BYT

If you haven’t done a hate-read of this Refinery29 money diary from a 21-year-old who earns $25/hr as an intern, and also receives an $1100 monthly “allowance” from her parents and grandparents, and whose parents also pay her $2100 monthly rent, then by all means, feel free to do so now. (Just try not to scream.)

Eating beef jerky can apparently be linked to increased cases of mania! So maybe don’t snap into that Slim Jim!

Salad Fingers (the world’s favorite rusty spoon lover) turned 14 last Saturday, so here’s an interview with creator David Firth!

Meanwhile, summer is scary! Here’s an article about beach umbrellas going rogue, aka one of my biggest warm weather fears.

(And sharks have been attacking people at Fire Island, NBD. Probably just an elaborate marketing ploy by Discovery Channel to ramp up Shark Week.)

Apparently some people have married their love of astrology and true crime by trying to solve murders using birth charts.

Great news, there’s a new STD that we can all start worrying about!

And finally, here’s an oral history of America’s favorite tween summer camp reality TV show, aka Disney Channel’s Bug Juice! #MEMORYLANE

That’s all for this week!