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What a week we had! Not the worst one, news-wise, I suppose, but still bad and stupid! It’s nearly over now, and you can enjoy a nice Summertime weekend. Here are some things to read while you sit through the last few hours at work before it’s time to go home.


We gave you a bunch of options to maximize your fun activity quotient in DC, DC (gay), Chicago, and NYC. Make today the best Friday the 13th ever!

International pop sensation Hatsune Miku is on tour right now. She doesn’t actually exist but put on an incredibly engaging, futuristic performance, accompanied by an incredibly tight band. We went to their DC show and were extremely impressed.

So it’s peak ice cream eating season. It’s also beach bod season where a lot of people are more aware of their physiques and maintaining a certain level of physical fitness. How does one square these two opposing forces? Low calorie ice cream! We tried a bunch of them and then ranked them for you so you can maximize the goodness while not totally blowing your healthy ways of living!

Standup comic Mae Martin is our Funny Human of the Week. She’s great!

After years in residency in Vegas, Britney Spears is bringing her acclaimed Piece of Me show on the road. We went and saw it and then wrote about it!

We talked with John Jacob, curator of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Photography collection.

We gave you 18 solid book recommendations for poolside/beach/summertime reading!

The DC United’s new Audi Field had its ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this week, and a BYT photographer was on site to give you a glimpse of this real nice looking new facility. It’s great!


Not On BYT

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series Who Is America? premieres this weekend. He tricked a bunch of awful political ghouls into sitting down for an interview AND advertising the new show with their attempts this week to get out ahead of whatever awful shit they did/said during the aforementioned interview. I’m very excited to see what’s in store here.

“Online Fandom” communities are the blazing epicenter of the toxicity that permeates 21st century Nerd Culture. The Outline argues that the only good and decent fandom left is the one surrounding the bizarre, dense sci-fi series Dune.


I saw Radiohead last weekend and it just absolutely ruled. The A.V. Club was at the same show I was and wrote about it. I agree with what they have to say!

Bryan Goldberg, founder of Bleacher Report and Bustle, bought Gawker (miss you forever, Gawker) this week. You should read what they wrote about him back in 2013 before it gets deleted!

I can’t remember what led me to it but I spent some time this week revisiting the conspiracy theory that the Mattress Firm is the front for some sort of money laundering operation. Go down the rabbit hole with me!

Bobcat Goldthwait has a new anthology TV series on TruTV right now. The New York Times wrote a really solid profile of our nice friend Bobcat.

This week, Brett Kavanaugh was named as the guy who is going help the Supreme Court repeal Roe v. Wade. He sucks and the world is a giant toilet. That said, it was nice to see this screengrab of a CBS news report about Kavanaugh where there’s a guy watching an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? in the background.

Noisey put up this ridiculous/weirdly fascinating article entitled “This Band Photographer Smoked Weed Once and Says He Wrote the Next Bible.” I shouldn’t have to tell you anything else, here.

That’s all for this week!