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As part of our resolution to THINK MORE this year, we are continuing our weekly digest of our reads, thoughts and feelings to share with you, our beloved, cranky, smart BYT community. Please let us know what your week was all about in the comments. Ours was about war zones (both real, literary, and streaming), drinking all the (spirit free) drinks at a A Rake’s Progress and watering our air plant.

In the BYT World:

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On the BYT Website:

And now for some external articles that in turn made me laugh, cry, and just remain my normal, overall emotionally unbalanced self :

  • I normally listen to This American Life on the regular, but since i am currently racing my sister to finish our most recent book club novel (it’s a very competitive book club), I’m a bit behind on my podcasts. TAL’s February 9th Rom-Com episode is fully amazing, with a story read by Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe (who should just read every audio book for all time), and the final story had tears of pure mirth streaming down my face, it’s an absolute must listen.
  • Speaking of novels, I’m currently reading the third book in the Red Sparrow series (haven’t seen the movie, I have FEELINGS about the casting), it’s called the Kremlin’s Candidate. If you’re a spy novel junkie (like me) you will love it, everyone else can probably pass.I remember reading the first book in the series and thinking “Russia? Is Russia even relevant anymore?” Ah 2014, can we go back to then please.
  • We’ve been helping with some New York Times events, and the most recent one this past Monday was on the possibility of “Life with a Nuclear North Korea”, and it was surprisingly.. not too depressing? My main takeaway however is that the Times’ Pentagon correspondent (and multiple award-winning journalist) Helene Cooper is a NATIONAL TREASURE! She showed up in amazing sassy purple tights, and OWNED the panel, so I did a deep dive into her writing. Helene’s article on her own Refugee Experience should be required reading.
  • Spent way too much time imagining my future French apartment while staring at photos of this gorgeous apartment in Nice.
  • My boss is in a movie called Butt 2 Butt Coconut. I don’t know how I was lucky enough to find these humans but BYT is truly my tribe.
  • I called myself a bad student in an interview and it appeared in this month’s Washington Life, need to work on those interview skills (but thank you Washington Life for the honor of being a part of this year’s Young & The Guest List).
  • In streaming news, I tried watching The Good Place, pilot is great, then got bored. Immediately switched to Morocco: Love in Times of War, it’s a Spanish show (so currently working on those second language skills) but it is so good. Think Grey’s Anatomy with 1920s technology and in a war zone. De nada.

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