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Only a couple hours till the weekend. We know you’re not actually doing work right now, so check these stories out instead.


We told you how to have your best August. Twice.

Or, if you don’t think that far ahead, we also gave you ideas for the weekend in DC, DC (gay), Chicago, and NYC.

David Cross was in town yesterday. If you missed it, at least you can read our interview with him.
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Citi Open has been going on this week and we covered everything from the players to the dogs to the food.

Do you know who Zach Noe Towers is? You should. He’s very funny.

We found out that some things need replacing. Including Movie Pass and Alex Trebek.

There’s still a month left in beach season, and in case you need inspiration on what to wear, we shot DC Swim Week.

Not On BYT

How many gender reveal parties have you attended this year? And how many of those have wanted to attend? Be honest. Shouts and Murmurs gets it.

Want to keep up with the high school theater? NPR has you covered.

Speaking of things teens like, The Chicago Tribune covered the first day of Lollapalooza.

QAnon is the scariest conspiracy theory sweeping the nation this week.

Idaho is experiencing Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, but with goats.

Some of our favorite local celebs put together a reading list.

Please don’t re-use condoms. Seriously, guys.

Rick Genest, the tattooed model from the Born This Way music video passed away today. Here’s a lovely interview with him from 2012 for WWD.

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