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What a damn week it’s been, you know? There was a lot of content out there, as always. Here’s a nice guide to what you should take in while whittling away those last few hours in the office.


Celebrate Friday the 13th learning about the people that work at the Congressional Cemetery. It’s a nightmare job for some but a dream job for us.

Portrait artist Asha Elana Casey gave us a tour of her studio and talked about the process and inspiration behind her boundary-pushing work.

Inside the Artist Studio

We ran down the ten best warm-weather brews in the D.C. area, just in time for mid-spring!

Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Ally Hord was named our Funny Human of the Week, and for good reason! Find out why.

We took a tour of lady-centric coworking space The Wing’s just opened D.C. location.

BYT.TheWing.AnnaMeyerPhoto (64 of 76)

The puppetful video for The Suzan’s track “Tokyo” premiered this week on our site. Neat vid!

You can party vicariously through pics of our 2001: A SPACE PARTY party at the National Air & Space Museum.

040718_A Space Party_165_F

We chatted with comedian/writer/podcaster Gaby Dunn about her excellent show Bad With Money.

We broke down the “Run Like Facebook Stole Ur Data” sign held up by some dude at the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Race via an open letter.

Not On BYT

This bite-sized Rolling Stone profile of hip hop auteur Vince Staples is a great encapsulation of why I love the guy. He’s brilliant, self-deprecating, and insanely funny.

Offline, I’m currently tearing through Elmore Leonard’s Freaky Deaky, which is, shamefully, my first Leonard book. It is, of course, great! Dude is an absolute legend and for good reason.

Twitter user @TheYearIs20BC blew the Rock, Paper, Scissors game wide open with this power ranking of signs and it’s hard to argue with their reasoning. This is one of those Tweets that you’ll see, fav, move on, and then find yourself thinking about every day for the rest of your life.

Game show mishaps are, objectively, the funniest thing on planet Earth. Wordfest Wheel of Fortune is an especially fertile ground for such wildness (please make yourself familiar with the Self Potato video if you haven’t already). Anyways this week some Wheel of Fortune dude said “flamenco” wrong and lost a bunch of money because of it.

Chicago-based cosmic folk rock songwriter Ryley Walker has a hell of a record coming out next month, and also happens to be the funniest Twitter account for anyone who’s lived through the last 15 or so years of indie rock. In the span of two or three sentences, Walker effortlessly paints vivid portraits of church basement emo shows and aspiring alt-bros trying to finding themselves.

Phil Elverum is one of the greatest songwriters ever. GQ profiled him this week and it is, of course, funny, sad, and charmingly deadpan. One such excerpt, regarding his extremely DIY approach to making and distributing records goes: “You have no idea how much of a personal touch [there is]. If you smell a record, I stunk it up.”

Record Store Day, the big, terrible celebration of everything shitty and wasteful about the vinyl revival, looms on the horizon. Pissed Jeans frontman and diehard music fan Matt Korvette posted a deep dive of underrated and forgotten nuggets much more deserving of unearthing than whatever Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is being pressed to glow-in-the-dark vinyl this year.

This Communist Party USA comic strip from the 1930s rules so fucking much.

Speaking of comic strips, the newspaper’s second favorite comic strip about an anthropomorphized orange cat, Heathcliff, is and has been insane for the last several years.

Clickhole’s ongoing public struggle to adapt to the specific content demands of the Gizmodo Media Group’s Kinja format have been and continue to be hilarious.

I miss Gawker every day and you should too. This week I revisited their chronicle of the time a bunch of rude Twitter folks signed names like “Detective Rex Hardbody” and “Weedlord Bonerhitler” to a pointless petition that was being printed off in real time by the National Republican Congressional Committee back in 2012, while they were all mad about Obamacare. I miss those days.