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It’s been a good week for readin’, you guys! Here’s some of the best stuff on BYT and elsewhere from the past seven days:


We gave you ideas for fun things to do in DCDC (gay), and NYC!

We went to Art Basel so you didn’t have to! (You’re welcome!)

Here’s what we thought were the best desserts from 2018 in the DC area! Plus here are our picks for vegetarian dishes!

And while we’re talking DC specifics, here’s what you should do on NYE!

And in terms of theater, here’s what we thought of She The PeopleMy Father’s Dragon and The Panties, The Partner and The Profit!

Up in NYC, meanwhile, we spoke to the co-runners of Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies!

Here’s our definitive list of the best movies of 2018! Feel free to argue with us but you are wrong!

Speaking of movies, we thought Mary Queen of Scots sucked, but we REALLY liked Shoplifters and Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse!

Not on BYT

There is a very real thing called “cute aggression”, which is why you want to squeeze your dog to death! And according to The Atlantic, experiencing it may make you a better caretaker!

Here’s why Tumblr should NOT BAN PORN! (Because they’re planning to ban porn, you guys!)

There’s an all-female auto shop that offers mani, pedi and blowout services while you wait // HELL TO THE YES.

Millennials have allegedly killed the serif.

Trump appeals to men with fragile masculinity, and no one is surprised.


Here’s a really nice tribute to Anthony Bourdain, as told by his friends and family.

Poor people face more IRS scrutiny than rich people because things are very fair and just here in America!

And here’s a piece about some of secretly queer (aka they weren’t heavily advertised as being queer) Oscar-worthy films from this year!