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It’s nearly the weekend, while we’re waiting patiently to indulge in more Bentzen Ball-related activities, let’s take a look at the past week’s fun stuff online!


We gave you ideas for fun things to do in DC, DC (gay), and NYC!

Bentzen Ball started last night, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!

The amazing Biblegirl was our Gender Bender of the Week, hell yeah Biblegirl.

Michelle Buteau, who you can see this weekend at Bentzen Ball, was our Funny Human of the Week. She’s great!

We posted a rad, insightful interview with cold case investigator Paul Holes, one of the folks who helped catch the Golden State Killer recently! Amazing!

It’s almost Halloween, which means you need ideas for stuff to do. Here are some ideas!

We interviewed Garbage’s Duke Erickson, to discuss their current tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their fantastic second album, Version 2.0.

Not on BYT

Pitchfork really gave it to Greta Van Fleet this week. There’s something uniquely enjoyable about reading a really vicious review, even if it’s of an easy target like these lamewads.

The Takeout’s Drew Magary spent a few days using a tin of $400 caviar in a variety of unholy ways. This was such a treat to read.

Hmm Daily asks: Did your pumpkins rot yet?

Do you have kids? Maybe a baby? If so, The Cut argues that you should dress your baby up like a pumpkin, and not Donald Trump.

Rich people are, generally, fucking weirdos. The Outline took a look at this unique phenomenon and tried to come up with some answers.

Man people are really out here scattering human ashes all over Disney World. Not great!

Vulture took a deep dive on the Simpsons’ long-running Treehouse of Horror series, ranking all 87 segments of the show’s annual tribute to horror anthologies!

Remember those NOW! That’s What I Call Music CDs? Of course you do! The Ringer’s got a wide-ranging look a the history and possible future of these dated discs.