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Folks, it was another weird week. Let’s not think about any of that stuff, let’s just look at articles until it’s time to go home for the weekend, yeah? Maybe get home and throw on a fun Halloween movie, like Hocus Pocus starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Steven Tyler, and Sarah Jessica Parker?


We compiled ideas for fun things for you to do this weekend in Washington DC, DC (gay), and NYC.

We took a look at some of the best, most underrated bars in the world, from Dublin to Florida to Reykjavik.

Tati Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze are the directors of the very cool DC art space Artechouse. Their jobs are very cool. Learn what they do/how they got there!

Ike Barinholtz is extremely funny and has a new movie coming out that looks insane. We talked about The Oath, politics, and family!

Speaking of interviews, here’s a chat with Phoebe Judge, host of the incredible true crime podcast Criminal.

Comedian Brian Park was our Funny Human of the Week!

We went to see Kali Uchis live and were entranced.

The New York Comic Con was last weekend, this wrap up gives you an idea of what sort of madness ensued.

The insanely good rapper Joey Purp’s new album QUARTERTHING is one of our favorite hip hop albums of the year. We talked to him all about it!

Not on BYT

Ever find yourself glancing at another person’s cell phone screen while on public transit/at a bar/literally anywhere in public? Of course you have. We all do it. The New York Times took a look at the psychology behind this minor act of voyeurism, dubbed “shoulder surfing.”

I’ve never had bed bugs but know people who have. It seems… not fun. The Outline’s profile of Billy Swan, the Bed Bug Whisperer of Brooklyn is a super interesting look at someone who helps people get out of some of the most unsettling times in their lives.

The Ringer took a deep dive on the lie of Skittles and came out the other side in love.

Some monster posted an article about how Apple Cider Doughnuts aren’t good. I won’t be linking to that piece. Here is the correct take, Apple Cider Doughnuts Are the Truth, care of The Cut.

TV recap culture has gotten so intense that now the AV Club is annotating new episodes of The Good Place. Can ya blame them? It’s a great show full of tiny details and Easter eggs.

Natural Light, the beer that everyone’s tried but nobody likes, is now selling a limited edition 77-pack. Get one while supplies last and really make your weekend something sort of awful and regrettable!!