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“This Is America,” right? How many “This Is America” think pieces did you read?

Me too!

Here’s what we did read over the last seven days.


  • Sunday is Mother’s Day. We revisited our Mother’s Day Advice: How To Raise A Great Daughter feature. It’s full of quality tips from women with careers you may envy, from the Librarian of Congress to CNN reporter to critically acclaimed comic.
  • This week’s BYT Radio is one of the best yet. Robin Bell was a great guest and his projections piss off a lot of people.

  • We had a chat with Spanish quartet Hinds.
  • Our Bike Guide has gone through a massive update.


Not On BYT

  • I’m in the midst of The Nix by Nathan Hill. It’s fantastic and available in your public library.
  • I’m also reading the upcoming David Lynch memoir/biography Room to Dream. It comes out June 19 and I most likely won’t be finished with it before it comes out. It’ll please Lynch fans. Biographer Kristine McKenna writes the first part of the section and Lynch comments on her biography in the second half. It’s an interesting way to present the story of an interesting creator. If you loved Twin Peaks: The Return, you’ll want to read it.

Related image

  • “I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye” by Ta-nehisi Coates in The Atlantic is most likely the piece that’ll still be read a year from now. Anyone else surprised Coates doesn’t mention “All of the Lights,” a song that name checks the death of Michael Jackson and features a Day of the Dead-esque parade featuring a large puppet of MJ? Kanye blatantly compares himself to Jackson in the 2010 song.

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Feature photo of Frightened Rabbit at Black Cat April 2010