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Wow wow wow, another week, another boatload o’ content! I’m your host, Megan Burns, and I’ll be your sherpa to help navigate the mountain of quality reading on BYT and beyond! This is gonna be real great! Here we go!


We announced Heineken After Work May parties and a Make In DC Pop-Up-Palooza!

Jose Lopez-Sanchez spoke with Twin Shadow about staying out of the spotlight.

We took a journey into the depths of the desert!

I interviewed Lauren Ruth Ward about what it’s like to live in LA, how it’s been to date fellow musician LP, how she identifies and more! Go read it and kick yourself if you missed her show at Baby’s All Right on Monday ’cause it was fire!

had a chat to actor/photographer/musician Adam Goldberg about how he had a dream he could play music, and now he does. He also tried and failed at becoming a tattoo artist. And no, he’s not the ABC TV show guy, DON’T EVEN ASK. (Don’t worry, I didn’t ask, but apparently the next person to interview him after me did. He left a voicemail on my phone to say so.)

I went to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and watched people eat a lot of Carolina Reapers, which they regretted. There was also a chihuahua beauty pageant. It was all v. good and v. spicy. We also went to the National Cannabis Festival!

And I ate a CBD oil hot fudge sundae and it was delicious but I felt nothing. (Then again I am generally unfeeling.)


Here’s a piece about how everyone hates on bisexual people. As someone who goes with the label “queer” to denote that I date humans of all genders (or I would if I ever really went on dates, but I rarely do), I can attest that the biphobia comes from both gays ‘n straights, and it really fucking blows.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into meditation, Rookie has a nice little guide to get you started.

The Atlantic asks the age-old question: have smartphones ruined an entire generation?

Mattel has been blocked from selling the new Frida Kahlo Barbie in Mexico.

I liked these photos of some of the tiniest homes in Hong Kong // go look at them over on VICE.

I fucking love this piece titled “I Am the One Woman Who Has It All” by Kimberly Harrington for The New Yorker. “I have the confidence to speak my mind, asking hard-hitting questions about the project I’m working on, and the ability to keep my ears from bleeding when a roomful of male clients explains to me what I don’t understand about the female target audience.”

Mara Wilson writes about why her comfort movie is the French film Blame It on Fidel. “I got used to change, upheaval and loss, but that didn’t mean I liked it. Anna’s experiences were not mine, but her feelings were.”

And finally, according to Forbes, apparently only 66% of American millennials believe the world is round, you guys. That’s a fuck ton of flat-Earthers.