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After such a beautiful weekend, this week was full of weather trickery that gave me the serious April blahs (Is that a thing? Probably not. With global warming, it is now). Thankfully, we had a lot of good reading material to entertain, whether we were avoiding those April showers or (if you were more northernly than DC) those April snowstorms. Here’s a rundown of reading material until those May flowers (that could be a 4/20 euphemism)…


We said a farewell to the Cleveland Park mainstay that was Ardeo+Bardeo and welcomed newcomer Sababa. Honestly any chance to gorge on pita bread and get my za’atar on, I’m game.

We had a chat with rising music star Cautious Clay, who’s DMs are blowing up, so you should probably go see him in D.C. or NYC so you can say you knew him before he killed at Coachella.

Los Angeles may have proximity to Coachella, but D.C.’s got the Library of Congress. I guess we can share some of that with L.A. Hopefully they’ll send us some sunshine in trade.

Speaking of Hel-LA and So Cal, we learned an amazing new game: Beverly Hills or Trash Person. 

We got another great, and cultural, excuse to go to Maketto.

Julia Chon at Maketto


I finally finished Wild Wild Country on Netflix and was really jonesing for some more Bagwan bounty. Thankfully some more followers had feelings to share. One of my favorite podcasts, Cultsreleased a two-part episode that fills in a lot of the Bagwan’s history and beliefs that the documentary left out.

Tammy Duckworth brings her baby to the Senate floor, which is not only awesome for women’s rights, but also I’d prefer to see an adorable baby there than many of those Republican senators any day. I can bet that baby isn’t the only one sporting a diaper in the Senate.

I can’t stop watching Beyoncé’s Coachella performance from this past weekend and wondering how she can change her manicure mid-performance while I still have blue nail polish remnants on my toes from months ago.

I’ve been simultaneously repulsed by the return of the body glitter trend and wondering if my jars from Contempo Casuals are still somewhere in my parents’ house and if they’re not yet calcified.

If you need me I’ll just be over at my desk, joy sobbing over this beautiful story of Mary Shertenlieb’s Boston marathon finish.