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It’s Friday and there’s no better way to waste away the remaining few hours at work than to catch up on any good posts you may have missed from this week! For example:


We talked about fun activities you can do this weekend in DC, DC (queer), and NYC!

We’re doing another true crime festival, this time in New York! It’s Death Becomes Us: A True Crime Festival NYC Edition! Read more about it, it’s gonna rock.

She Loves Me is a very nice flower shop in DC, let’s learn more about it together!

The Night of 1,000 Fridas had events all over the world earlier this week, celebrating the life, work, and legacy of Frida Kahlo, including in DC, which is where we sent our intrepid photographers to capture the magic!

Weirdo doom metal band Windhand played the U Street Music Hall recently, we were there and hell, we loved it!

We went deep on ASMR and gave you a nice intro to the whole freaky thing. Strap in and get tingly.

We ran thru a whole big list of the best music documentaries out there, I highly recommend you check a bunch of these out!

Not on BYT:

This weird new Matthew McConaughey movie Serenity is apparently just absolutely bonkers. Sounds like a thing where it’s better if you know nothing going in, but if you do feel like spoiling it for yourself, take a look at this rundown from The Ringer.

The Outline took a look at the ongoing plague of compound swears (fuckwaffle, shitwhistle, etc.) in a very funny essay.

Vulture ranked 12 of the most iconic movie heists in film history.

KFC is seeing if people would be into a fried chicken sandwich with crunchy Cheetos. They will be. They are.

Bright Wall Dark Room is home to the best writing about film online, this we all know. For example, check out this thought provoking look at two of the more viscerally upsetting films of 2018, Annihilation and The Haunting of Hill House.

It was cold in the Midwest this week. So cold that they got hit with frostquakes, apparently?

Vanity Fair laid out the 25 most influential movie scenes of the past 25 years. Wow!

The reliably brilliant writer (and longtime friend of BYT) Fran Hoepfner published a very good short story this week in Joyland Magazine.

Performance reviews are trash and we all know it. Why do most jobs keep them around? The Cut tried to figure it out.