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Happy first week of 2018. As part of our resolution to THINK MORE in 2018, we are kicking off a weekly digest of out reads, thoughts and feelings to share with you, our beloved, cranky, smart BYT community. Please let us know what your week was all about in the comments.

In the BYT World:

We launched a radio program. It is called BYT Radio (easy to remember), it happens live every Thursday at noon so you can plan your weekend ahead with us, or you can just listen to it any time and subscribe to it on iTunes.

On the BYT Website:

Well, as is customary with yearly kick-offs and publishing trends around this time of the year, we primarily focused on trying to kick this year off the best we could. Hence – YOUR BEST JANUARY (where we pick the best of everything this month for you), DRAFT PICKS – which is about beer and not fantasy sports, RESTAURANTS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2018 and THEATRE TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2018 were all published. We hope you use this all the time.

Cold is also on the forefront of our and your minds, so check out our PHO and RAMEN GUIDE, freshly updated for your 2018 needs and revisit this evergreen gem of STUCK AT HOME WITH NOTHING TO EAT. Plus, murder mysteries – both IRL and streaming.

Out there in the world we read and discussed:

In non pot-driven news five stories to put where you are into perspective:

  • What a deceased, Bulgarian blind mystic has said would happen in 2018 – we find this as reliable of a prediction as any.
  • Life is a giant curveball, so read this actual curveball history.
  • Next time you have a self worth downswing, remember: You are descended from Royalty (and so is everyone else).
  • Loneliness epidemic is upon us (full disclosure: this was published during the summer of 2017, but with snow and cold and general misery upon us is worth reading NOW).
  • Mornings are great and extremely tough during winter. Here is a great little piece on how to make/force/will yourself into becoming more of (that elusive) MORNING PERSON.

Have a great weekend in the meantime! Stay in the loop and follow us on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram. Use #BYThings too.