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It’s pretty well known at this point that staring at screens well into the night leads to less restful sleep. That doesn’t stop me from queuing up The Office on Netflix and scrolling through Twitter until I pass out. I may not need to feel so guilty about wrecking my own sleep anymore though, because of these OX Legacy glasses from Enreverie. They’re supposed to help you sleep by blocking out blue light, which is bad for you at night time, through orange or yellow lenses. I was skeptical because they’re pretty unattractive glasses, but it turns out these glasses are AMAZING.

Three pairs shipped to our office and they’re in near constant rotation. We all stare at our computer screens all day long, and these make such a difference. I’ve been wearing them for 4 hours now and my eyes don’t feel nearly as strained as they usually do at this point in the day. I know they’re not intended for daytime use, but I recommend it. They’re easy on the eyes and are quite a look.
Never before have I felt more like a douchey ski dude. Or Guy Fieri. I feel like he has this shape of glasses. I’m okay with it. They sent us wayfarer and standard reading glasses shaped frames as well, but those were already claimed before I got in. I’m not sad about it though because the Guy Fieri glasses have stronger orange lenses while the other frames have yellow ones that I think block out less light. Also it’s kind of fun to feel like Guy Fieri. He has his shit together, right?

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I’m not only excited about these for the potential to improve my sleep, but also to hopefully prevent migraines. I’m prone to aural migraines so spending all day everyday staring at a computer screen is not the best thing I can do because guess what. The blue light is bad for migraines too. I’m hoping that if I wear these glasses around I’ll be able to at least look at my computer at the beginning and tail ends of my headaches, or maybe even prevent one.

They have not even come home with me yet and I’m attached to them. I thought I’d be thankful that no one would have to see me wear these glasses, but I’ve been wearing them in the cold, broad daylight of the office and am only minimally embarrassed. I only take them off when walking in the hallway and speaking directly to other people.  I’ll have no problem wearing them around for a few hours before bed and have very, very high hopes for improved quality of sleep.