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I’ve been up for 24-hours. I’m glad this is almost over.

Tuesday, March 11 was the only day of both official Interactive and Music. I tried to take advantage of this. It may not be possible to take advantage of too much stuff from two sides.

It’s too much to take in. At a certain point, it’s no longer fun or informative. It’s pointless.

I think I saw 10 bands in the last 24-hours. 15 comics. I think. It might have been 20 and 25. I can’t remember. It’s all blending together. I remember the band in marching band costumes. They were good. I bought a record. The Wet Secrets. They’re called The Wet Secrets.

I think I learned something? I think I talked to a handful of businesses that would be good for BYT’s Startups To Start Noticing series. I think. One of them gave me a haircut. Did I get a haircut? I got a haircut in a convention center. #SXSWI

I stumbled upon a venue from stereotype for hipster everything. Everything. It’s great. It’s a small brick building with a slanted tin roof. The interior features cats painted on a wall and framed paintings of dogs. They only serve craft beer. There was a vintage clothing teeny tiny tent in front. There’s a stage in the side of a cliff, like a small cliff, a cliff about 30-feet high. It looks like it was built by an Urban Outfitters set designer (Is that a job?). Cheer Up Charlies. It’s called Cheer Up Charlies. I didn’t like the acts I saw at Cheer Up Charlies. I did like the band next door. I saw Little Jesus. I like Little Jesus.

I’ve been up too long. None of this makes sense. I’m using photos to remember what happened. This isn’t right. We’re not supposed to live like this. Why doesn’t American Airlines offer direct flights from Austin to DC? Why am I in Dallas? The Dallas airport plays shit music.

Landlady. I saw Landlady. See Landlady. They have two drummers that rule. The sound was fucked up for the first part of their set so they added two more drummers. They had four drummers. That ruled.

I’ve been off Twitter for three days so no one spoils True Detective. That’s what #SXSW is all about.

I learned some stuff. I found new comics and bands to like. That makes it worth it, right?

There was a lot of advertising at #SXSWI. A lot. It was expected. The dumbest use of ad dollars was spent on a horrible ecig, a horrible Diet Coke Slurpee and Pennzoil. Did it sully or alter my experience? No. Who cares? I didn’t get an oil change.

Some of the advertising made sense. A toilet paper company was there to give out wet wipes and massages and facial cleanser. It makes sense to advertise home care stuff to a tech industry that features 100% of people that work behind a screen. The toilet paper tent was struck down Tuesday once SXSWI officially wrapped.

The toilet paper people didn’t want to give out toilet paper to the music crowd. The Interactive SXSW badge holder was treated like a fancy adult with disposable income. The Music SXSW badge holder is treated like a 21-year-old that really loves tall boys of Miller Lite. There’s free beer everywhere. I am very glad to no longer be there.

I would go back to SXSWI. I will do my best to avoid the music days of SXSW.