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Compiled by: Megan Burns, Morgan Day, Melissa Groth, Avalon Swindell Jones, Carly Loman and Svetlana Legetic

Sure, some people will tell you there’s not much style going on in the District, but hey, just because our life is not run by the fact whether or not our hemline should be an inch taller or shorter than what it was last season doesn’t mean we don’t love to look great and have enough occasions to look great for. Below, you’re see a smattering of choices for a very stylish Spring and Summer ahead: events to go to, events to dress for, beautifully costumed movies to see, stores for the men in your life and more.

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01 - style

  • Luke’s Wings Hero Gala featuring “Fashion Takes Flight”– March 29, 7-11 pm. Where: Ritz-Carlton, 1150 22nd Street NW. Start the night with a private cocktail reception with event hosts, honored guests, media, government leadership, and corporate sponsors. The runway show, featuring national and local designers, will showcase active duty members of all branches of the military, wounded warriors, and World War II veterans. Afterwards, there will be a Pop-Up Market, where guests may purchase items directly off the runway from local stores and recognized companies.
  • 2014 Women in Fashion & Beyond Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony– March 30, 2-6pm. Where: Clarion Hotel, National Harbor, MD. This event brings together over 150 professional Business Women, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Designers, Community Leaders, Media and Radio to celebrate, congratulate, salute, honor and award some of the most influential business women and community leaders during Women’s History Month.

  • Thread– April 4-6. Where: Dock 5-Union Market, 1309 5th St. NE. Thread is a carefully curated collection of both nationally recognized brands and emerging, independent designers from around the country who embody an inventive and original spirit. With best-in-class creators of fashion, art, beauty, books and home goods, it’s a platform for progressive retail concepts, independent brands, and progressive designers to come together under one roof and celebrate uniqueness.
  • Sneaker Con– April 5, 12-7 pm. Where: 8001 Sheriff Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20785. Buy, sell, and trade with over 150 vendors from throughout the country. It’s the biggest sneaker event in the US! Imagine 16,000 sneakers under one roof…
  • XIX: Experimental Fashion Event– April 5, 6-8:30pm. Where: St. John’s Church, 2640 Saint Paul St. Artists and designers from MICA’s fibers department will show student-crafted garment works that will challenge conceptions of art and fashion. The works will touch on the theatrical nature of fashion and force a contrast between the runway and the stage.
  • Fashion For Paws– April 12, 8pm-12am. Where: Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert St. N.W. Benefiting the Washington Humane Society, the models agree to raise a minimum of $5,000 in the 10 weeks leading up to the fashion show. Dogs will accompany the models down the runway dressed in Wagtime clothing and accessories.

  • District of Curves Full-Figured Fashion Show– April 27, 6-9 pm. Where: The Washington Post Conference Center, 1150 15th Street NW. Fashion designers, models, boutiques, and major retailers will show women how to work their curves!
  • Wine & Whisky Fashion Presentation & Social– May 6, 4-5 pm. Where: Etcetera Showroom, 4709 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, MD. Preview these confident, creative, and beautiful designs by Etcetera, while networking and enjoying a couple cocktails.
  • African Fashion Week DC– Sept. 12-14. Where: TBA. African designers, vendors, entertainers, art and businesses will participate in AFWDC to showcase the beauty and intricate details of African fabric, textile, and design. There will be several events leading up to this grand finale, so check out their website for more information.

  • Fashion Lifestyle Seminar– June 8, 12-5pm. Where: Anacostia Art Center, 1231 Good Hope Rd SE. Whether you’re looking to build a career in the fashion industry or set up your own clothing boutique, this seminar is for you! It will introduce you to the fashion industry & give you the steps to launch your business in fashion.
  • Blossom: An Evening Where Fashion Meets Fun– Sept. 25, 6:30-10 pm. Where: Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good Hope Rd SE. Enjoy fashion and fun while celebrating the commitment and work of Casa Ruby. After the screening of the controversial film, Paris is Burning, mingle with local fashion designers and fashionistas.



FIRST THINGS FIRST: Check out our FULL SPRING/SUMMER FILM GUIDE HERE. Second: The silver screen is looking so stylish this spring and summer.  From adultery to aliens, the next few months will see the release of several fashionably-inclined films. Planning on flipping through fashion magazines by the pool? It’s going to get damn hot for that. Your sweaty, sun-screened hands will be sticking to the pages, so get your inspiration from the seats of a nice air-conditioned theater instead.  Now silence your cell phone, and read up on these coming attractions and what makes them sartorially noteworthy.

Under the Skin (Release date: April 4, 2014)

Where inspiration strikes: Dat jacket tho, charcoal-lined eye, red lip, and a shaggy bob straight out of the 70’s. Scarlett Johansson is probably taking her style cues from a different decade because she is otherworldly…literally. She plays an alien, who seduces men in order to preserve their organs. It’s haunting, dark and unexpected, so don’t let your emotions distract you from deciding what your next score will at the thrift shop.


The Other Woman (Release date: April 25, 2014)

Where inspiration strikes: Cocktail dresses, high heels, hats, drinking cosmos and braiding each others’ hair, and how to look fabulous at the beach. I want to watch this movie just so I can see what crazy outfits Nicki Minaj pulls off…and so I can judge her acting ability. Each of these four women have styles of their own, so there’s something for everyone. It’ll probably be a pretty comical chick flick, too.


Belle (Release date: May 2, 2014)

Where inspiration strikes: The fact that it’s a period piece, hat ribbons, corsets, ringlets, and Draco Malfoy. If I had to wear one of these dresses all day long, I would have some drama built up in me, as well. You can expect what you would from any period piece, but this one is based on Dido Elizabeth Belle. Her father is a Royal Navy Admiral and her mother is African, but that’s just the basis of her story.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.26.57 AM

Grace of Monaco (Release date: possibly May-ish, 2014)

Where inspiration strikes: Two words: Grace Kelly. This film follows Grace Kelly as she makes her transition from actress to princess. She quickly learns she cannot have the best of both words. From the photo below (and the title alone), I can tell this is going to be a stunning film. Also, I’ll be purchasing a pair of cat-eye sunglasses in the near future; and just because I won’t wrap a scarf around my head doesn’t mean I don’t want to.


The Two Faces of January (Release Date: May 16(?), 2014)

Where inspiration strikes: Kirsten Dunst’s entire wardrobe, the Mediterranean in the summer, Viggo Mortensen’s hats/kick-ass fight scenes, and cleanly-shaven Oscar Isaac outside Llewyn Davis. Mortensen and Dunst’s characters are on the run because Mortensen killed someone. Issac offers to help them, so of course a love triangle is bound to happen. He keeps finding himself in these roles, but it’s okay because he’s nice to look at. All of the characters have a classic, dreamy style that you’ll swoon over.


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Release date: August 22, 2014)

Where inspiration strikes: Jessica Alba in a bustier, sexy silhouettes, bold statement colors on a black and white backdrop, leather pants, and the classic JGL suit and tie. If you’ve seen the first two Sin City movies, you know what to expect from this one. Lady Gaga makes an appearance, so I’m just wondering if she’ll have something completely insane up her sleeve in the style department. There will also be one too many suits for all you men out there.


03 - spring beauty

  • Blue and green eyeshadow were seen all over runways during fashion week. You’re probably asking yourself why, but these colors can brighten up the face in an instant. To make your eyes pop, start with an colored eyeliner and move your way up to shadow if want more. You’ll be amazed at what a hint of color can do.


  • Orange lipstick pay look frightening, but it is right on trend for spring and has been seen on runways everywhere. If you want to avoid looking like a pumpkin, try a matte version or a coral shade.

  • Bold brows aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If you’re struggling, try an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Some people prefer the shadow because the pencil can be a little waxy. I would use the pencil if your eyebrows are already pretty think, and you just want some shape.

  • Berry lips easily transition into any season. Think pinker for the warmer months and purpler for the colder ones. They can also look as fresh and natural as you want. Use a lip liner if you want a more dramatic look and long-wear.


  • Pantone’s color of the year is radiant orchid. This color is absolutely person for spring and can be worn on the lips, eye shadow, and cheeks. I highly recommend finding a similar color for you nails because your hands will look FLAWLESS, trust me.




As communicated by Megan Burns

Warm weather’s a comin’, meaning your feet are like, “HI, LET US OUT!” And despite the fact that (most of) all of us have been cruelly preconditioned to believe that wearing socks with sandals is forbidden, I am going to go ahead and argue that we SHOULD all be doing this, because it IS a thing that’s making its fashion debut.

In the first place, most of us are city dwellers, meaning that wearing flip-flops is fucking disgusting. Throw those mother fuckers away and invest in a nice, easy-to-maintain pair of plastic slides, or if you’re feelin’ extra fancy, a pair of Birks (or equivalent). Factor in the socks (I am partial to these Mona Lisa ones, but you could go ultra-traditional with some white crew socks…) and you’ve got yourself a look that’s DAD-CHIC. (PS I have been doing this since last May and no one has even beaten me up yet! You can do it too!)

If you’re feeling slightly nauseous right now, it’s just because the whole planet has been lying to you about what’s socially acceptable. Here are some photos to help rewire your brain:

(Pictured above: Coco Capitan, fashion photog extraordinaire / champion of Adidas slides.)

04 - Girls


Where we focus on some awesome girl made/fronted music, perfect to apply that make-up to and sing along to with all your superperfect hair right in your face. READ OUR WHOLE SPRING/SUMMER MUSIC GUIDE HERE. HEAVY ON THE POP.– Svetlana


– It has been just over a year since our NYC Editor Megan Burns rolled up from a live MØ at Santos Party House and started this interview with her with “WHØA” and finally, the time has come for a full on Spring/Summer domination of your earbuds by this 21-year-old Dane, and we have the recently released full length No Mythologies To Follow to thank for that. Sure, you’ve maybe heard some of these songs before if you’ve been paying attention but put together, bubble gum popping album cover and all, they represent a perfect, brightly colored yet stark soundtrack to your twenties (even if you’re not in your twenties anymore, as the case may be). The lead singly “Don’t Wanna Dance” is a capital H Hit, and Diplo pops up on a tropical island in “XXX”, but pay attention to the slower jams as well, like “Dust is Gone and “Red In The Grey” for some under-the-surface simmering pain. “I would’ve liked this to work / But life had other plans.” We hear you Karen Marie Ørsted, WE HEAR YOU. BONUS: Catch her live @ U Hall on May 20.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.34.07 AM


Little Daylight – Every Spring and Summer needs a song you can dance to with ALL YOUR HAIR ALL OVER YOUR FACE and this season, Little Daylight’s “Overdose” may be it for me. And they know it, as the video (directed by Special Problems, who previously worked with Lorde and Wolfmother etc) can atest. Still, the beauty of Little Daylight is that as undeniable as the synths and the 80s drum machines are and as shimmery the vocals are, each track they release also managest to feel almost oddly intimate. So, maybe I should paraphrase that first sentence to: Every Spring and Summer needs a song you can dance to with ALL YOUR HAIR ALL OVER YOUR FACE IN YOUR BEDROOM WHILE NO ONE IS WATCHING and this season, Little Daylight’s “Overdose” may be it for me.




Ex Hex – Do you ever wish your entire life was set to a soundtrack of under-three-minutes perfect pop songs? Well, Mary Timony agrees with you. Aided by the superfun drums courtesy of Laura Harris and Betsy Wright’s killer bass, the Helium/Wild Flag hero has put out a perfect power trio 7″. Merge describes them as the music your babysitter listened to, and all I can add is – I wish we all had babysitters cool enough to listen to this. Only caveat: there’s only three songs to play on repeat (for now). BONUS: Read our EX HEX interview here. BONUS TO THE BONUS: Check out their video for “Hot and Cold” here, featuring the once-upon-a-time Sassiest Boy in America: Ian Svenonius. Which, when you think about it is exactly what your super cool babysitter would have flipped out over. Perfect.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.55.19 AM


Foxes –  You can already imagine record label executives salivating at the prospect of Louisa “Foxes” Allen: a gorgeous, 23-year-old, fabulously commercial, awesome hair possessed pop star THAT IS ALSO SOMEHOW CREDIBLE? Yes, please! Where do we sign? This is the kind of music teenage girls love (and she feeds into all of it with songs called “Beauty Queen” which are about how BEAUTY DOESN’T MATTER) and fully grown men are also oddly receptive to (those lips uttering “”Don’t tell me our youth is running out – it’s only just begun!” certainly don’t hurt). The full album will be out in May, just in time for headphones-on-the-beach season. Fine, be our teenage dream this spring/summer.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.04.20 AM


Just Friends – SURE 1/2 of Just Friends is Nicolaas Jaar (which should be recommendation enough in an of itself, even if he is NOT a girl), but the other half is Sasha Spielberg (who also spends her time in the lovely Wardell) so they totally qualify into this category (shut up). Aside from the fact that I WISH I had a band called Just Friends, the pair obviously has some serious chops, as was witnessed when they teased out their Leonard Cohen cover of “Avalanche” . Now, just in time for Record Store Day they are releasing Don’t Tell Me 10″, a slinky, glistening bit of cuddle worthy dance. WE WANT MORE.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.15.21 AM


Tove Lo – Tove Lo’s first single “Habits” was like a cooler, funnier (hookier?) version of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and that was a great thing. With “Truth Serum,” (OUT NOW on Neon Gold) the pretty young Swede (and every season needs a new one of those, right?) is set to exorcise all your break-up and make-up demons through the power of pop. We are particularly partial to “Not On Drugs”, which sounds like a cooler, funnier Selena Gomez single (are we noticing a pattern here? I, for one am, and I like it) with a chorus that begs for a sing-a-long “Baby listen please / I’m not on drugs / I’m just in love.” Whatever you say Tove.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.24.18 AM


Nina Persson – Speaking of Swedes, Cardigans royalty and braless inspiration for the ages Nina Persson is back, brunette and with a new record called Animal Heart, her first official solo effort (we won’t count A Camp as those, right?). It is all slick production values, building choruses and lyrical diversion (which have always been one of her trademarks, when you think about it). And while nothing on it quite reaches the instant classic heights of “Been It” or “My Favorite Game,” it is still a great reunion with an old, pop best friend.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.28.06 AM


EMA– Seriously, has it been since 2011 that we’ve been waiting for a new record from Erika M. Anderson? TIME DOES FLY. Anyway, the wait is finally over on April 8, when The Future’s Void will be out on Matador/City Slang and, frankly, we’re ready. EMA mentioned as her influences “the heavier side of early K Records” (!), early NIN demos (!!) and Neuromancer (!!!) all of which combined together into a heady, yet hooky contemplation of “our online lives” apparently. The first single Satellites discussed constant surveillance (under both Soviet bloc style cameras AND thumping percussion, presumably) and “So Blonde” with its gif ladden, Venice set video took a stab at the sunnier side of grime Erika is obviously (very) attracted to. In summation: If you’re in the mood for some (extra) moody dancing this spring and summer, look no further.


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.53.10 AM

04 - trends

  • Crop tops– They are here to stay and have now moved into the bikini world.  If you’d like more coverage up top, then the Victoria’s Secret new bathing suit top is perfect. BONUS: Destroy your winter sweatshirts and emerge with an awesome new crop top to boot. HERE IS HOW.



  • Floral Baseball Caps- This feminine touch makes it great if you like wearing hats and don’t want to look like a 12-year-old boy. You can find your floral pattern of choice at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, or American Apparel.

florals for spring.gif

  • Sheer Tops-To add an edge of sexiness to your daily outfit, try a sheer top.  The looks on the runway were light and flowy, but make sure you keep it classy by pairing it with conservative pieces.
  • Wide Leg Pants– You’ll be living in an ideal world if you put on a pair of these–think of them as stylish sweats. (image VIA)


  • Spring sweaters- Can’t part with your cozy winter sweaters? Don’t fret, because you can trade them in for light and easy spring sweaters.  Throw it over a maxi dress or pair it with tailored pants. If you’re already enjoying the sunshine on the West Coast, we recommend wearing it with linen shorts. Look at Anthropologie and J. Crew. (image VIA)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.22.31 AM


05 - must

  • CHAMBRAY-Which is TRULY forever. Throw this best friend over a sundress or pair with jeans (just not the same wash). Madewellchambray_tops
  • T-SHIRT DRESS– When you’re too lazy to choose an outfit, throw on a t-shirt dress. Pair it with a belt and wedges for a more dressed-up look. ASOS

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.11.33 AM


  • SOMETHING WITH CUTOUTS/PANELS-Stay sexy without showing too much skin. This trend has returned season after season recently, and it’ll only heat up this summer. (image via)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.09.06 AM


  • JUMPSUIT-Slip into a jumpsuit, and you’ll feel breezy, laid-back, and completely put-together. These are a go-to for celebs. Forever 21


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.14.20 AM

06 - bloggers

Is there anything better than wasting your time on gorgeous things online? No, there isn’t. Here are 5 bloggers we have saved in our book marks this far.

Feral Creature LA-based fashion blogger Feral Creature is one of the best personal-style bloggers out there. Her edgy outfits are a hot bed of inspiration—as are her beautiful brows and hair. (THE GIRL HAS GOT STYLE.)


Running in Wedges Based out of NYC, Running in Wedges is another great personal style blog. Her looks are accessible, but still very fashion-forward—perfect for everyday outfit-inspo.


What I Wore Another NYC-based blog, What I Wore is a great blog for more conservative dressers. Her tailored looks are head to toe perfection and her site is a great place to learn how to find the balance between put-togetherness and fashion.


Style Bubble UK-based blog Style Bubble is less of a personal style blog, and more of a nest of the most inspirational style-related things around. From runway roundups, to trend forecasting—this site runs the gamut of fashion greatness.


The Blonde Salad The Italian blogger behind The Blonde Salad creates some seriously inspired looks. As you can see from the photo below, she tends to go all out—in the best way possible. Also, she translates all her posts into English and she’s not the best at it and it’s great.




Says Megan Burns…

SPRING AND SUMMER! Those lazy, crazy, hazy days! New life! The stuff Katy Perry songs are made of! Jeans shorts! Midriffs! Mischief! Hair blowing in the wind! Ice cream cones! Sex outdoors! All of the things you have been watching fade in the rear view mirror as your youth slips away from you forever!

*Wait, what?*

Yeah, guys. It can only go downhill from here, right? Can’t you just feel the icy cold breath of Talbots on your neck? The siren song of Ann Taylor knocking at your door? The high tide of taxes and life insurance and mortgages rolling in? Well STOP IT! (This is me digitally smacking you.)

Here are FOUR STREET STYLE BLOGS that focus SPECIFICALLY on OLD PEOPLE who’ve essentially said, “WE CAN BE BETTER AT YOUTH THAN YOUNG PEOPLE CAN, AT LEAST IN OUR OUTFIT CHOICES!” They’re pretty inspirational, and will make you think twice before you have that existential when-did-I-become-an-adult-human crisis for the nine hundredth time:

Advanced Style

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas 

What Ali Wore


07 - models

Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)- Better follow this beauty fast before she becomes any more famous. You might recognize Emily from the her upcoming role in the Entourage movie and the infamous Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” video; she was topless and holding animals of some sort. Her feed features photos of her modeling shoots and glamorous travels, not to mention her incredible style.

Emily image.jpg
Chrissy Teigan (@chrissyteigan)- Chrissy was on the cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, beaming and grabbing the equally incredible asses of Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge. She posts photos of adorable pups, her hubby John Legend, and nom-worthy foods.

chrissy image.jpg

Amanda Booth (@amanda_booth)- Amanda Booth is a beach bum model that was recently in a spread for Playboy.  Her and husband Mike Quinones spend their free time camping, surfing, and taking their pugs along for the ride. Oh, and she just announced she’s pregnant, the cutest baby and puppy pictures are on the way.


Robyn Lawley (@robynlawley1)- Robyn is famous for her beautiful curves, “no thigh gap, no problem” campaign, and saving the barrier reef.  She instagrams photos of art, delicious food, and her shoots in breathtaking places. You also can’t miss her ADORABLE puppy.


Ajak Deng (@ajak_deng)- Ajak has modeled for top designers like Givenchy and Chloe and frequents the runway  Her instagram will give you a taste of high fashion and backstage model experiences.


Daniella Ruiz (@_danielleruiz)- Danielle is a model and TV Host for WPT on Fox Sports.  Check her feed for the LA lifestyle and inspirational quotes to help us all get through the day.

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