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compiled by: Kate Greene, Megan Burns and Svetlana Legetic, with some blurb help from the BYT Movie team as needed

Sure, some people will tell you there’s not much style going on in the District, but hey, just because our life is not run by the fact whether or not our hemline should be an inch taller or shorter than what it was last season doesn’t mean we don’t love to look great and have enough occasions to look great for. Below, you’re see a smattering of choices for a very stylish spring and summer ahead: events to go to, events to dress for, beautifully costumed movies to see, stores for the men in your life and more.

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first things first:

Three Fictional Trends We Hope Don’t Catch On IRL


I’m sure you’re well-aware of the buzz Lena Dunham’s generated with her body, re: showing it off, accepting that it is shapes, etc. And I’m all for being happy in your own skin, but JESUS GOD, please do not let mesh shirts with nothing underneath become a trend. Granted, that coke-addled episode didn’t exactly paint Hannah in the best light, but let’s get real…when IS Hannah painted in the best light? (Insert cricket sounds here.) Please, please, PLEASE just walk away from this one. I know it’s going to get hot out there, but THERE ARE OTHER WAYS. Don’t make this about women or bodies or anything like that; instead, make it about the fact that wearing a mesh shirt with nothing underneath is like a collision of shirts and skins in gym class, only no one is winning and everyone is losing. Hard.


Okay, so I recognize that James Franco can make virtually anything look good, and that, my friends, is where I fear the siren song will come in for spring and summer style choices. Clearly it seems ludicrous that anyone would willingly get cornrows to mimic a trend fresh out of Spring Breakers, but the world is funny like that. I actually visualize the streets of Williamsburg filling up with irony-starved hipsters, all cornrowed up, and it terrifies me. Stylistic qualms aside, let’s just talk about the impending scalp sunburn that awaits. DON’T DO IT, NYC.


I keep rooting for Amanda Bynes and hoping that all of this bat-shit-ness is just a brilliant experiment in comedy (hence I’m including her in the fictional category), but it’s becoming increasingly clear that she is full-blown bananas. Part of that evidence lies in the fact that she has CHEEK PIERCINGS. If that isn’t a stupid trend, then I don’t know what is, so please, don’t be like Amanda Bynes (on multiple levels) and avoid having this done. I mean, you really would have to be insane to do this to yourself. Also, call me ignorant (for not knowing the ins and outs of facial piercings) but what the eff would happen if she took those things out and drank something? Does she have makeshift water pistols on either side of her face now? I repeat, please do not let this become a thing.

Now that we got that out of the way:

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.12.40 PM

…this Spring/Summer. Real Clothes for Real Girls, we PROMISE.

  • A structured-yet-lightweight jacket with some attitude (image from Mango)


  • A really, really good chambray shirt (or 5) – (image via Madewell, duh)


  • A beautiful, delicate floral that works day-to-night (photo via ZARA)

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.24.37 PM

  • The perfect nude sandal (photo via OUTNET)

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.36.14 PM

  • A graphic skirt of even better CULOTTES (yes!) they won’t be able to forget (photo via ASOS) image1xxl
  • BONUS ITEM: A great beach sweater (photo via Micaela Greg)





  • Divine Style DC Spring Fashion Show & Soiree – April 4, 7:00 pm. Where: Puro Cafe Georgetown, 1529 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007 Watch 15 gorgeous male and female models strut their stuff wearing spring’s latest trends from local boutiques. All proceeds benefit Becky’s Fund, an organization that educates, and teaches activism against domestic violence. Afterwards: dance the night away to music by DJ Neekola.
  • BYT’s FIRST EVER Emerging Artist Super SamplerApril 6 @ The Hamilton – So, we decided to get a bunch of our favorite local acts to play a few of their best songs at one big massive show.  Sort of like a non-sucky battle of the bands where everybody wins.  Doing it at a swanky place like The Hamilton felt right. We have 12 awesome bands (all featured in our seminal “25 DMV ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2013” piece), one awesome DJ, and all that for a low, low price of $20 in advance (that’s like a festival – ALMOST). See you all there. BONUS: Check out the bands’ awesome style in this series by Kate Warren.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.26.45 AM

  • B:Scott @ REDEEM – 7 April – For the fellas!: Redeem is having a Spring launch event with top L.A. based fashion label B:SCOTT! Designer Brandon Scott will be in store to show his Spring 13 pieces and preview Fall 13 samples for pre-order as part of the Scott x Scott Spring ’13 North American Tour. Details: Sunday, April 7, 3pm-6pm, 1734 14th Street NW

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.36.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.38.21 PM

  • 10th Annual Georgetown French MarketApril 19th and 20th (at Book Hill (Georgetown), Between P Street and Reservoir – Hosted by the Georgetown BID, the signature open-air market will offer two days of delicious French fare, adorable French fashions and antiques and family-friendly fun and entertainment on Friday and Saturday, April 19th & 20th, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • WORN MAGAZINE Issue 5 & Launch Party – TBA – Worn Magazine Issue 5, the “Dream” Issue will be released at the end of April. Date of the launch party will be released soon.


  • The DREAM Celebration – 4-5 May – In partnership with internationally renowned dancer and producer Rasta Thomas, CityDance and the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, will present the CityDance DREAM Celebration. The proceeds from the event will benefit CityDance’s free after-school DREAM program, a youth development and arts education program providing free performances, after-school programs, in-school arts learning and summer camps to underserved neighborhoods. Details: Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 7pm and Sunday, May 5 at 4pm at the historic Lincoln Theatre on U Street.
  • BUTLER + CLAYPOOL – 4-5 May – SS WEEKEND POP-UP @Studio 1469. Spring/summer merchandise + handmade jewelry and accessories. Details: 1469 Harvard Street Rear, alley off 15th Street, between Harvard St and Columbia Road. So much goodness!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.39.48 PM

  • DESIGNER FEATURE : : : NATIVE DANGER “Open Studios” – 18-19 May – “Ode to visions of the other world.” DC’s Native Danger is opening their doors//letting us in on their  secrets//for a small sale of archived tees, tanks and sample pieces during the buildings Open Studios event @ 52 O St art studio building. Details: Saturday-Sunday, May 18-19, 12pm-6pm, 52 O Street
  • ZOPHIA’s PowerSkirt Project – 1 June, Details: TBA; – POWERSKIRTS for the EVERYWOMAN! Through a series of fitting events, ZOPHIA plans to gather waist to hip measurements from women of all sizes and body types. With this knowledge, ZOPHIA will sculpt an incomparable sizing guide paired with three lifestyle designs. A must try, we think so! The CEO, The Curator and The Connoisseur skirts  personify the powerful women of the District of Columbia. PRE-ORDER A CUSTOM POWERSKIRT HERE  

3 Beauty Trends to Keep on Top of This Spring


  • Natural but better. Enhanced minimalism was all over the SPRING/SUMMER runaways. Naturally, it all comes down to a flawless finish, perfectly groomed brows, and just the right amount of highlighting. Must have product: KITTEN SHIMMER by STILA. Trust us (photo via PINTEREST)


  • Major, MAJOR Lashes. (image via Harper’s Bazaar from the Gucci Runway show). Bad Girl Lash layered with Extencils is the way to go if you choose to not do lash-extensions (Which we’re mostly ok with)


Five Model Twitter and Instagram Feeds You Should Follow

It’s no secret that living in 2013 in a big city can easily bankrupt you, meaning most of us have limited budgets in the way of spring and summer vacation funding. I’ve found, however, that it helps to follow models on Twitter and Instagram; not only will you be able to follow their style choices AND reap all the benefits of living vicariously when they jet-set off to glamorous locations, but you will ALSO feel minimal sadness in knowing that they’re only there to work, probably in bizarre conditions at weird times of the day. (You know, that whole let’s-take-advantage-of-all-this-natural-light-at-six-am thing.) So who should you follow? Here are five of my recommendations, complete with super relevant examples:

  • Hanne Gaby Odiele – Hanne’s pretty much a veteran when it comes to modeling, and is STILL hugely in demand. We can chalk it up to physical traits, but I’d be willing to be a lot of it has to do with her quirky personality. YOU can follow her on Twitter and Instagram, where she’s pretty good about regularly documenting her adventures.

Instagram: hannegabysees
Twitter: @hannegabysays

Picture 126

Picture 123


  • Ali Michael – If you’d prefer the warm and sunshiny days of spring and summer to be marred by a dark (and slightly creepy) cloud hovering overhead, Ali Michael’s tweets and photos will be right up your alley; her sense of humor is super bizarre (which isn’t a bad thing, in our opinion) and her idea of a selfie typically involves documenting weird injuries. (It always makes for a great game of “beet juice or blood?”)

Instagram: ali_michael
Twitter: @alimichael

Picture 125

Picture 124

  • Frida Gustavsson – For nice scenery and clothes, I will point you in the direction of Frida’s Instagram; she’s always snapping pretty places and even prettier togs, so if that’s what you’re after, you’re good to go. (Did we also mention she’s a huge World of Warcraft nerd? #AMAZING)

Instagram: fridabgustavsson
Twitter: @fridagustavsson

Picture 127

Picture 128

  • Dorothea Barth Jorgensen – If you’re trying to be more intellectual and/or poetic in your quest to find style and/or lead a vicarious lifestyle, I think Dorothea is likely your best bet. She does quite a bit of creative writing and other artistic projects, so you’ll get plenty of teaser tweets like the one below that link to her Tumblr.

Instagram: dorotheabarth
Twitter: @displacedbones

Picture 130

Picture 129

  • Matthew Hitt – Because it wouldn’t be fair not to include at least one male model, and because his Twitter and Instagram feeds fulfill the musical angle we’ve been (possibly) lacking so far, I’m going to suggest Matt as my fifth and final go-to. You can stay afloat of all his band Drowners’ adventures or whatever!

Instagram: mattxhitt
Twitter: @mattxhitt

Picture 131

Picture 132


  • Electrick Children – Can you get pregnant by music? That is the question this breakout SXSW movie asks its viewers. Rachel, a young teenager from a fundamentalist Mormon community, believes in immaculate conception, while her family regards her condition as an intolerable transgression. The (very stylish) search for the child’s origins is a revelation for the 15-year-old. The star Julia Garner is a revelation.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 10.09.48 PM

  • Ginger & Rosa – OUT NOW – Young leads aside, the other truly outstanding thing about the film is Potter’s uncanny ability with colors and composition. While Ginger and Rosa is a more conventional cinematic outing than some of her other films, it still feels more painterly and emotive than most anything you’ll see on the big screen this year. All the details are observed with just right attention and love: Ginger’s flaming hair in the middle of the pre-Beatles London grayness, the moody swishes of the beaches the girls run across, the perfectly smoky nighttime encounters, and the little flicks of eyeliner the girls use to mark the changes in their hearts/faces. Each frame could perfectly can hang on any wall anywhere.(read the rest of our review here).


  • The Bling Ring – June 2013 –  will watch ANYTHING Sofia Coppola makes. And while The Bling Ring premise of LA kids who broke into movie star homes and stole their clothes and accessories for fun, makes for potentially very annoying viewing (as already evidenced by the very annoying reality TV drama “PRETTY WILD,” which is spawned right after the real life story it was based on broke in the news), the young cast features some truly smart, thoughtful young actors (namely Taissa Farmiga and Emma Watson) and if anyone is able to make this little bit of consumerist superficiality seem beautiful and dare we say, poetic, it is probably Sofia. Added bonus: Gavin Rossdale and Paris Hilton both show up for the party. Think of this as the brattier, more high maintenance  sister to Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers (out now!), a bookend to a season of cinematic kids not being quite alright


  • The Great Gatsby – 10 May Baz Luhrmann’s production of the F.Scott Fitzgerald classic has been delayed in terms of its release schedule more times than we’d dare count, but still, the trailer has us as excited as ever. Luhrmann is in full glitterbomb mode here with the party scenes (Moulin Rouge goes WASP-y! And yes, that IS a zebra in a fountain you spy there!), Jay-Z is doing the soundtrack, and Leonardo di Caprio reunites with his Romeo + Juliet director to bring another lovestruck hero to the big screen. Add to that Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire AND Isla Fisher (who just really needs to be in more films all the time) and this is probably the only must-see-on-the-big-screen non-action movie we have coming this season. PLUS- two words: MIUCCIA PRADA!


  • Frances Ha (September 1) – Anyone who has seen The Squid and the Whale realizes Noah Baumbach has a unique way of viewing the emotion oof relationships. His sense of compassion, self-deprecation, and modern social signaling can be moderately compared to Woody Allen at times. His new film, Frances Ha, starring (and co-written by) his new muse Greta Gerwig, might resonate only to a certain audience: affluent indie kids. This film centers on mid-twenties woman whom has a lover, but doesn’t live with him, nor in her own home. She lives with friends, and apprentices at a Dance company, though she really isn’t much of a dancer. It explores growing up, just at the point of being fully grown, but through a New Wave fairytale lens. – Vince



  • Passion (September 7) – Brian De Palma knows a thing or two about the lurid, with a resume featuring Scarface, Carlito’s Way, and Carrie. Rachel McAdams (yes, the ebullient girl next door Rachel McAdams) and Noomi Rapace (yes, the girl with the dragon tattoo) star in De Palma’s remake of the 2010 French thriller Love Crime, which follows two women playing games with each other in a business setting. Think The Devil Wears Prada with a lot more violence and sex, maybe? While things start out with a little good ol’ taking credit for someone else’s idea – Rachel McAdams’ character takes credit for her underling’s work – they quickly escalate. I mean, didn’t Desperate Housewives teach you the jump from casserole bickering to murder isn’t all that great!? McAdams and Rapace could be the new Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis from Black Swan: things are looking pretty steamy, lack of leotards and anorexia notwithstanding. –Toni Tileva


  • Take My PictureWatch now! –GARAGE Magazine’s Take My Picture takes on fashion bloggers and street style stars. With raw footage of the film-premiere style crowds of paparazzi that has emerged outside of fashion shows, commentators Tim Blanks and Alexia Niedzielski provide insight into the FASHION BLOGGER and STREET STYLE phenomenon. The magazine explains, “When we set out to make this short, our intention simply was to observe the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style stars





  • PANDAHEAD MAGAZINE –Okay, so we may be a little biased…but seriously, “with a LO SWANK/NO SWANK ethos in pocket Morgan H. West’s Panda Head Magazine covers and creates art, music, culture, style, and MORE in the District of Columbia,” this is a daily MUST READ. Check out the mag’s latest collaboration TROPICAL (think palm trees, retro sunnies, and L.A. luxx) for DC’s VIOLET BOUTIQUE SS13 Lookbook, shot by photographer Lexie Moreland, for CA BREEZY FRESH MAGIC VIBEZZ. (photo below: Lexie Moreland) 8531860518_87ab9c2a68_b


  • AUDREY HEPBURN COMPLEX – exactly what it sounds like. Precious photos of precious people and things in precious situations. So twee at times you sort of want to die on the inside but you CANNOT/LOOK/AWAY


  • FASHION GONE ROGUE – if you are looking for a one stop shop for all your editorial coverage worth seeing, this is it. Just beware: once down the rabbit hole, there’s really no escaping (image: ELLE VIETNAM)


  • Garden & Guna perfect slice of Americana covering everything from Harper Lee’s letters to amazing mustaches to women with flowers in their hair and yes, gardens and guns too.
  • StyleLikeU – super cool people, super cool style, sitting exactly at the intersection of everything we want to care about: music, inspirational musings, events and just being good at life, in general. (photos from their London calling post)

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.10.43 PM



  • REDEEM – for up-and-coming designers and edgy international separates. Plus more MUTINY collaborations, please.
  • DURKL – for color, a great sense of humor and what seems like REALLY casual clothes that can actually be dressed up for any occasion
  • GINGER ROOT – the red heads of Ginger Root just hosted their very first men’s evening/pop-up in their space on 14th street and we hope more is in store.
  • 8568503565_4acb8a0ebb_z


Please feel free to let us know in the comments if you feel we missed something (and we probably missed a bunch, lets face it).


And please read the rest of the all important fall guides too: FILM, MUSIC (with Theatre, Fine Art and Food en routing)