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Sure, some people will tell you there’s not much style going on in the District, but hey, just because our life is not run by the fact whether or not our hemline should be an inch taller or shorter than what it was last season doesn’t mean we don’t love to look great and have enough occasions to look great for. Below, you’re see a smattering of choices for a very stylish Fall and Winter ahead as selected by some of the people we trust the most when it comes to looking (AND feeling) good.


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FIRST THINGS FIRST: the essentials.

This season:



I’m 33, NOT a cowboy, and living in one of the most powerful cities in America – AND YET. At any given moment there’s more of a chance that I’m wearing some sort of head-to-toe denim situation than not; firm blame lays upon growing up in a Springsteen-obsessed household (see also: Wayne Garth, and a whole host of denim-clad dudes I came across during a few key/formative years).

Fall, then, is T R U L Y my time to shine, and since I’m 33, NOT a cowboy, and living in one of the most powerful cities in America – I’d like to speak to you about the miracle that is CHAMBRAY.
Soft and cozy and featuring the appropriate-for-all-occasions BUTTON-DOWN ASPECT, it’s as perfect with all-but-three-buttons undone, loose and louche and eyeliner-sexy as it is tucked in and closed-toed and playing office. A Madewell chambray and a pair of black jeans essentially functions as my business suit, but if that’s not your sitch, don’t just relegate your chambray to off hours. I will now Vanna-White-present Sharon Stone at the 1998 Academy Awards. Make it happen, my formal-wear friends. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Enjoy all things Pandahead here



Listen to Erika & Au Revoir Simone make music magic here
Staying cozy in the autumn is the name of the game, and I’ve always loved turtlenecks for that reason, giving us the extra bit of edge we need when the temperature drops and the wind gets colder, the feeling of being hugged… And paired with a leather skirt and some boots or tucked into high waisted jeans, a turtleneck look can range from good-nerdy to super chic, bringing to mind our literary heroes, favorite bond-girls or Scandinavian woolen inspired scenes.  These turtlenecks are from my favorite Brooklyn vintage store, Malin Landaeus, and the accompanying playlist is a mix of warm tunes to enjoy while you’re adjusting to the new season.



Visit Treasury at 1843 14th street NW, Washington where that feathered hat below is, btw, available

Winter is coming. But before we get to icicle eyelashes and head-to-toe wool, we have Autumn.

Fall time is the right time for le chapeau. Le chapeau is the hat that gives your head a little bit of comfort from the cold but whose primary purpose is to make you look and feel awesome. Save the thick-knit beanies for winter. Le chapeau is a statement piece that in the not-so-distant past was an everyday necessity. Women religiously donned hats before exiting the home and fancy head wear was standard for nighttime excursions. Nowadays hats have been relegated to Justin Timberlake’s head or those in uniform.

Processed with VSCOcam
But my concept of le chapeau is the opposite of utilitarian. Sure, there are dunce capshard hatsmortarboards and deerstalkers, which all serve some serious purpose. I am referring to the act of wearing a hat solely for the sake of the hat (OK, maybe to solve a bad hair day as well). Le chapeau can also assist with glamour points when one prefers to go incognito to buy tampons, when avoiding the glare of your ex when you walk by and when one has not showered in five days due to a TV series binge.I horde vintage for a reason–so I can display it on my walls. And sometimes so I can wear it. It’s easy to find circumstance-specific reasons to wear le chapeau. Whether it’s my Pendleton felt outback hat for a hike in Rock Creek Park or my Argentinean gaucho hat for channeling Carmen Sandiego, fall time is when I can break out le chapeau. Note: I have never bought a new hat because the vintage options for jaunty and/or superlative head wear are plentiful. Look no further than your grandfather’s closet or DC’s abundant vintage shops to get your own.In just a couple of months I will most definitely favor the balaclava–until then I will enjoy the fisherman cap, the bowler and the Tyrolean hat to my heart’s content (yes, I actually own one of each of these hats!).
Processed with VSCOcam


There’s no look cooler than a leather jacket. Just ask The Ramones, The Stooges, The Rolling Stones…. The Strokes, The Black Keys, The Kills… Any rocker past-or-present will tell you that a leather jacket is the staple of their wardrobe. Not only do they look incredibly chic, but they’re durable and warm too, perfect for the nomadic world of touring musicianship. But not all leather jackets are made equal.  Here are some leather buying tidbits and some examples/style inspiration to help you shop  for that perfect addition to your Fall 2014/Winter 2015 wardrobe.


Rule of Thumb for Leather Buying:

  1. Always invest in quality. Sure a $100 price tag feels great right now, but it’ll hardly get you through a D.C. winter. Invest a decent chunk of change ($300+) in a leather jacket and I promise you, you won’t be replacing it anytime soon. Plus faux leather, unless it’s really well made (and even then….) just feels/looks cheap.  You won’t be fooling anyone with a bargain buy.
  2. Err on the side of snug and tailored. The beautiful thing about real leather is… it breathes. It has a life of its own and it’ll grow/bend/flex/stretch with you as you break it in and wear it. When buying, go a little bit tighter than the ‘perfect fit’ — you’ll thank me when a month or two down the road (just in time for colder temperatures) you’ll be able to fit sweaters and the like underneath without having to swim in it all the months prior. Not all cuts are created equal either, so be sure to try on a few before you decide that a “bomber” or “motorcycle” style is right for you.
  3. Protect your leather. Like I said above, leather lives and breathes and it needs to be treated with care. Don’t go wearing it in the middle of a monsoon. Don’t go throwing it in the dryer (why would you?!). Grab yourself some excellent leather care products (while I’m no expert and I highly recommend you get the opinion of the leather smith/brand first, I do own my fair share of leather [jackets, bridles, saddles, chaps…] and find that Lexol products are affordable and very easy to use.
  4. Find a jacket that speaks to you. Now I don’t mean speaks to you in a way you might experience while on mushrooms, but… find a jacket that makes you feel invincible. Leather is just like armor. It should make you feel protected, strong and proud (unless you’re going for that sulking-in-the-corner-of-the-pool-hall look).
  5. Wear it all the damn time!!  It’s an investment, and while this may see contrary to all the notes above… leather only gets better with wear and age. WEAR IT EVERYWHERE.

Taking some inspiration from the above, plus the mix of chillier temperatures and only the best examples in rock & roll, here are some leather jackets you should buy/covet/love/wear forever and ever.

— THE (JOEY/DEEDEE/TOMMY/JOHNNY) RAMONE (classic, effortless)


To this day no band wears leather like The Ramones. Their effortless cool and their do-not-give-a-fuck attitude was apparent despite adhering to the basics. But like the rules of leather buying suggest The Ramones invested in quality. Even when their jackets were falling apart, ripped at the seams… they maintained such an excellent shape and edge that most designers to this day try to recreate with manufactured distressing techniques. Skip all that hogwash and go with a staple like STOTT’s Women’s Lambskin Perfecto 218W ($650) or LEWIS LEATHER’s Bronx Jacket No. 384 (£740.00).  I swear by all of ALL SAINT’s leather (I have two and they’ve held up SO WELL) so their Range Leather Biker Jacket is high on my recommendations list too ($725).  More affordable options include MADEWELL’s Ultimate Leather Motorcycle Jacket ($528)  and ESSENTIAL ANTHWERP’s Oversized Leather Jacket ($474).  If you’re related to Daddy Warbucks, how’s about we get matching ALEXANDER MCQUEEN ($5,570) or SAINT LAURENT PARIS ($5,290) ones, yeah? Yeaaaaah.

— THE IGGY POP  (tough, full of attitude and no-bullshit)

silver leathers iggy pop

Leave it to Iggy to make his leather stand-out!  An animal on the stage, it’s no surprise he’s challenging full-on-panther mode with his leather choices.  If you want to stand out from the crowd (and not blend in like the RAMONES), take a look at these killer animal/floral options like CONNEXION’s Convertible Leopard-Print/Leather Moto Vest-Jacket ($1,990) and DOLCE & GABBANA’s Floral/Key Print Baseball Leather Jacket ($5,895).  A more tame approach to standing out when it comes to leather? Go for a color other than Black. Grays, Oxbloods, Navy’s and White will give you enough edge without being a total statement piece (like the KAREN O below).  I’m loving this BLK DNM Leather Jacket 8 in Navy ($475) and this killer white TOP SHOP Leather Biker Jacket by Boutique ($700) [or it’s more expensive, but classic counterpart by BURBERRY LONDON ($2,795)].  Want to go a little bolder? Try DOMA’s Leather Biker Jacket in Mottled Effect (which is a STEAL at $447),  WALTER BAKER’s Leslie Leather Jacket ($372) or this high voltage, ultra lux RELIGION Metallic Biker  Leather Jacket with High Shine ($476).

— THE JIM MORRISON  (sensual, sophisticated and dramatic)


Look at those lapels.  Only someone with a serious amount of bravado would dare to wear an atypical leather jacket with oversized lapels in a non-black finish.  It works for Morrison because we can all picture him swaddling himself (and a lady lover) inside his leather and necking for hours post-show.  Want the same look? Go high-end with ALL SAINT’s Bayes Shearling Leather Jacket ($1,268) with it’s extra cosy lining or VEDA’s Max Classic Jacket ($898). You can’t go wrong with ACNE STUDIO’s Shearling-Collar Moto Coat ($1,950) or ELIE TAHARI’s Maw Lambskin Jacket in Chicory ($1,998). For a more affordable option see TOP SHOP’s Faux Leather Jacket with Removable Fur ($168) or the 6 SHORE ROAD Chloe Shawl-Collar Leather Moto Jacket in it’s beautiful camel color ($428).  Take a little IGGY inspiration and go navy with this SAM EDELMAN Zip Detail Moto Jacket ($450) in Navy to be one with the other riders on the storm.

— THE JULIAN CASABLANCAS  (modern with a vintage feel)


Leave it to Julian to channel “New York City cool” with his leather choices.  Whether it’s quilted detailing or removable sweatshirt hoods, Casablancas opts for cuts with a vintage feel and modern embellishments (just like his music).  You can’t go wrong with the ALLSAINTS Cargo Biker Jacket ($450 — I have a similar All Saint one in this gorgeous dark emerald green cover and it gets a million compliments every time I wear it), the MARC NEW YORK by ANDREW MARC Channel Quilt Moto Jacket ($398) or even LOFT’s Leather Moto Jacket ($368).  Drop a little more cash for a lux look that’ll keep those New York City cops off your case like the LAMARQUE Check-Quilted Inset Leather Jacket in Smoke ($650) and J BRAND’s Ready-To-Wear Crista Ribbed-Shoulder Leather Jacket ($1,350).  And the fashion void wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of daydreaming  A.L.C.’s Blake Leather Moto Jacket w/Removable Hood ($2,295) and BALMAIN’s Quilted Leather Moto Jacket ($6,000).

— THE KAREN-O (feminine and full of flair)


Boys may be boys, but few of them pull off the leather look better than Karen O.  It was her and her Yeah Yeah Yeah’s counterparts that coin the lyric, “Find me, never, never far gone, so get your leather, leather on” back during their It’s Blitz! days.  And while Karen O’s style has continued to evolve in bright and bizarre ways, there’s not one reason good why you can’t channel her spirit this fall/winter. Go bold with embellishments like gunmetal studs and decorative art, or dare to wear flirty cuts when no one else will.  Go full-on metal with MAISON SCOTCH’s Vintage Studded Jacket ($579) or knock’em dead with this standout FREE PEOPLE April, May Chevron Stripe Jacket ($950).  Want a bit more of a feminine cut? Look no further than PARKER OCTAVIA’s Laser-Cut Leather Jacket ($462), KATE MOSS for TOP SHOP’s Fringed Leather Jacket in Navy ($250) or even RACHEL ZOE’s Everett Cropped Jacket in Alligator ($732).  Wear this HERVE LEGER Leather Double Zip Jacket ($2,990) and heads will in fact roll.

SPEAKING OF LEATHER (and fake leather)… BEHOLD





 decided to tackle a the current denim jacket with leather sleeves trend seen all over runways and on every celebrity or fashion mag editor you could imagine.  So let’s get started! Here’s what we’ll need:


  • Sewing machine
  • Jean jacket
  • Leather jacket
  • Seam-ripper
  • Scissors
  • A ribbed cotton black sweater (optional)


1. This project is going to take a while, so go ahead and put on some pretty great music, like Drake.

2. Using the seam-ripper, remove the sleeves from your leather jacket.


3. I wanted a fitted sleeve for my jacket, so I removed a 4-inch panel of leather from the under part of the sleeve and replaced it with a 2-inch panel of ribbed cotton from the black sweater. This step is optional and your jacket will look just as bad-ass with looser sleeves.



4. Add “Buy black thread” to your to-do list.  (We, out of both necessity and in an attempt to help you see this better… opted for white).


5. Using the seam-ripper, remove the sleeves from your jean jacket.


6. Align the top-most part of the right sleeve with the shoulder seem of the resulting denim “vest” and pin it in place. Repeat on the left side.

7. Begin pinning the remaining part of the leather sleeve to the denim arm-hole.


8. You’re probably pretty sick of Drake at this point, so put on some Kendrick Lamar.

9. If you find the arm-hole is larger than the sleeve, taper the hold to adjust.


10. Sew the sleeves in place.


11. Trim excess threads to make your jacket look camera ready.

12. Now go on, brush your shoulders off.



 DIYwithHolley_DenimLeatherJacket-6659 DIYwithHolley_DenimLeatherJacket-6652DIYwithHolley_DenimLeatherJacket-6604



ANTHOM @ Chelsea, NYC, 197 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Yune HoFriend and fashion designer Yune Ho was born and raised in South Korea. After beginning his design career in Seoul, Korea, he moved to New York and continued his studies at Parsons School of Design before launching his own label Yune Ho in 2012. We’ve been following Yune since the beginning of his career, and are so excited to now include his collection at ANTHOM.
The Yune Ho collection is a true reflection of the diverse background of its designer. Through his experiences in both Seoul and New York, he developed a keen eye for construction and detail in clothes. His sophisticated minimalism + classic cool style is the perfect combination for Spring ’15.

It’s Me By Dina LynnykNamed by Ukrainian Harpers Bazaar as the Fashion Forward 2011 Best Young Designer, Dina Lynnyk’s surreal forms and impressive collage designs are incomparable. Her recent Spring Collection is made up of beautiful abstract geometric and organic shapes in blush and neutral tones. She mixes architectural and futuristic design with feminine colors and silhouettes creating one-of-a-kind runway pieces.

Low Classic​ – Low Classic is an innovative fashion brand emerging from Seoul South Korea. Founded in 2009 by Lee Myeong Sin, Hwang Hyun Ji and Park Jin Sun, Low Classic perfects tailored minimal pieces with modern silhouettes.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.30.56 AM
​CHIYOME​It was love at first sight with us and CHIYOME. We were captivated by the talented designer’s minimalist perspective and her handbag collection’s architectural lines and subtle color relationships. Designer Anna Lynett Moss is committed to generating pieces that grow more beautiful with time and are the product of thoughtful engagement with the environment. CHIYOME bags are designed and manufactured in limited quantities in New York City using a selection of harmonious materials sourced primarily in America.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.27.10 AM
​ARAMA​ –ARAMA is an elegant yet modern UNISEX footwear brand, designing high quality luxury collections, both beautiful and comfortable, that are hand made by craftsmen to the highest standards. We are in love with how ARAMA incorporates both color + classic design.​


“Fall is my favorite season because it is all about richer, bolder hues, metallics, and reparative treatments.”

Bluemercury CEO and co-founder Marla Malcolm Beck


  • BOLD LIPSTICK –The go-to shades for this season are Plum, Burgundy and Burnt Red. NARS new Audacious Lipsticks ($32) are creamy and offer full-coverage. The three shades that are flying off of Bluemercury’s shelves: Liv, Vera and Olivia.
  • DRAMATIC, MOODY EYE MAKEUP –NARSissist pulled together the most-coveted everyday essentials for eyes. NARS NARSissit Smokey Eye Kit ($59) is a small investment and perfect to carry in your purse for quick touch-ups. The kit includes eyeliner, three contour eye shadows and a brush.
  • REPARATIVE TREATMENTSOribe’s NEW Gold Lust Transformative Mask will get the summer damage out of your hair. It contains healing oils like argan, cypress and maracuja to reinforce strands compromised from the sun, salt and chlorine of summer.



I do what I like to call ‘social reportage’ photography, documenting society and the social fabric of Washington, DC. That doesn’t mean I photograph anyone and everyone at the events I’m assigned to cover; on the contrary, the ability to seek out people with a unique look, personality, and flair for communicating those things is an integral part of my job. Style is a large part of that equation, since it reflects how people want to be perceived and what they value. Here are a few observations on what catches my eye while photographing.

  • RULE NUMBER ONE: I look for people with strong senses of personal style who creatively show their point of view. The most successful looks focus an educated eye on color, proportion, and composition, just like any thoughtful piece of art. Be true to who you are and what you like.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 7.53.30 PM

  • RULE NUMBER TWO: Focus on one statement-making element that comes with a story or makes you feel very, very fly. One. So the ascot, horn-rimmed glasses, and purple velvet suit is 2 statement-makers too many. Keep some sassy things on the bench for future parties and aim for balance with each look. Restraint can speak more loudly than going all out. That said, if your natural inclination is to let it all hang out, by all means please let your freak flag fly. I wear a vintage fur and heels to the grocery store in winter if I feel like it, so this is a judgment free zone. 
  • RULE NUMBER THREE: Trends and blatant designer labels are like glitter eye shadow – a little touch can be fun, but anything more can risk trying too hard. I stay far away from people clearly trying to get photographed in their bloggerific outfit. Neon, tribal, and any look ripped directly from a Forever21 (or D&G) window display are a no-go.
  • RULE NUMBER FOUR: Err on the side of the unexpected, as long as it’s respectful of the occasion. I’m talking about you, woman in the Marie Antoinette wig at the Diner en Blanc party. A brave choice and excellent photo fodder.
  • FINALLY: True style comes through in the details. I personally have a penchant for a power lip, a well-groomed beard, Italian mens shoes, a perfectly tailored blazer, and statement haircuts.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 7.52.01 PM

As with anything, be who you are, don’t be afraid to take risks, wear what makes you passionate, and have fun. (PHOTO, courtesy of GOKATESHOOT)


Shop Mutiny here or Visit them at 52 O Street NW, Washington DC.

Autumnus air is one of those things that I look forward to each year. There is something to those few months before winter that are invigorating – the darker mornings, longer bike rides, comfort foods, serious drink (more rye) and layers. I find that autumn really inspires so much of what I’m doing and where I want to be …

the book stack changes
Greenmantle “ …I had just finished breakfast and was filling my pipe …”
C.S. Forester “ … we go on the river every week now … “
My Struggle, Book 1 “… I took a deep breath and walked toward the front door …”

food scene changes – cooking at home for friends or the folks, rather than going out. Roasted vegetables, soups, baked things with gourds or apples, roasts meaning delicious, red meat. If I do go out it’s to small, intimate places like Thally’s, Etto and Crane & Turtle.

the where scene changes – road trips in those warmer months might be frequented by most, but having grown up in the north, nothing is better than hitting the road in October. The Upstate colors on New York parkways, Hudson orchards, back roads, road-side eats, cold nights and smokey air. There is also the annual football game at West Point – our team never wins. Nothing though beats the regalia and tailgating – nothing beats that area this time of year.


the WEAR scene changes – I first became aware of fashion up north, more or less at one of those football games as a kid. These were the type of games where houndstooth and lapel corsages were present. Elegant a-line wool skirts, cashmere pullovers and uptight hairlines.  Some of it is so timeless and though I prefer tailored lines, I like those that you find on Alexa Chung. More playful, more natural. I like the BIG leather bag and the skinny pant during the day … a favorite cycle of knits based around that and accessories are BIG deal. My front hall closet is dedicated to Autumn with floppy beanies, double wrap scarves, more scarves in charcoal, black, navy, ox blood, fawn and cream. Annual fall indulgence – a PUNCHO Autumn means slowing down. I really relish it.




 The Two Faces of January (September 26) -A con artist, his wife and a mysterious stranger find themselves entagnled in a web of lies, deceit, murder and possibly worse, while wearing amazing outfits and escaping gorgeous locales. The directorial debut of the man who wrote Drive for us is based on a Patricia Highsmith novel, and the collective cheekbones of Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac add up to this being (fingers crossed) The Talented Mr Ripley of 2014. Lets actually make that fingers AND toes crossed. – Svetlana


Listen Up Philip (October 17) – As far as supreme BYT movie going bait goes, the Listen Up Philip trailer scores pretty high across the charts: Jason Schwartzman as a braggy-but-insecure neurotic writer (for all those Bored to Death Fans out there),  Elisabeth Moss as his girlfriend (perfect for the STILL ONGOING Mad Men cold turkey season we’re dealing with), Jonathan Pryce, Krysten Ritter and Dree Hemingway along for the ride, and a dialogue/visual style that is just the right balance of quirky and comfortable enough to make writer/director Alex Ross Perry garner some NEXT WES ANDERSON/NOAH BAUMBACH buzz on the festival circuit. Lets hope it delivers. – Svetlana


Dear White People (October 17) – Recognized and supported by Indiewire, Tribeca, Sundance, Variety, and Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions, Dear White People was originally a pet project of writer/director Justin Simien, who used crowdsourcing to keep the project largely independent. Its early success both critically and financially should come as a relief as American cinema has been burdened with harmful black stereotypes. Dear White People’s independent financing will allow the film to address these tropes without reservations. The trailers and promotional “PSAs” to support the release of the film acknowledge microaggressions and the current forms that racism occupies today. The trailer takes an active role in addressing the audience by the narrative form: A young black woman announces on her radio show ways that white people could be better allies. The title of the film itself alerts the majority population that we are doing something wrong. That a message is being sent out, and that we should listen. And the film operates as a satire, which is for the best, so we can all laugh our way out of ignorance. -Dominique O’Neill


Maps To The Stars (October TBA) – Cronenberg has has a semi-spotty record of late (Cosmopolis, anyone?) but Maps to The Stars was well received in Cannes and its story about a LA family deeply obsessed with fame is just the right kind of dark humor absurd for its smart, cool cast (namely the Mia Wasikowaska and Julianne Moore tandem) to sink their teeth into. – Svetlana


Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets (November 19) – 25 years after sauntered onto the world music scene, all art-school cool and beyond catchy, PULP return to Sheffield for a reunion concert, and a documentary that is rumored to be as funny, smart, sardonic and well, life changing, as some of their finest songs. Beyond music, topics covered include fame, love, mortality – & car maintenance, interspersing the band’s gives and takes with fantastical, specially-staged tableaux moments featuring ordinary (common?) people recruited on the streets of the town that gave Jarvis & co. their start. We plan to watch this and then PROMPTLY watch it again. And again. – Svetlana


Big Eyes (December 25) – If there is one person that was born to bring to life the story of Margaret Keane, whose 1950s paintings of wide-eyed waifs brought her massive acclaim, only to spend the better part of the 1960s fighting her husband Walter Keane who claimed credit to them, then that person IS Tim Burton. Just think of every movie of his you ever saw-Edward Scissorhands or The Corpse Bride may as well have jumped off the canvas and onto film. The cast includes all-time BYT favorites Amy Adams, Krysten Ritter and Christoph Waltz and this MAY JUST be the film to break Burton’s semi-lackluster live action streak he’s been toiling of late.- Svetlana Legetic




W: STORIES BY STEFANO TONCHI (Release date – October 21st)

W Magazine has shocked us (fashionably) for two decades. This fall they’re releasing a conglomeration of their most memorable centerpieces showcasing the best of their 20 years. The cover is a mesmerizing piece to add to your coffee table and we expect everything inside should be as well.


LANVIN: I LOVE YOU (Release date – September 30th)

This is an awesome cover. We  would get this book just for the cover. Lanvin: I Love You follows the work of designer Alber Elbaz who made a remarkable mark on the founding aesthetics of Lanvin. In the window of his Paris boutiques Elbaz would use mise-en-scéne, essentially street theater, to reel in people passing by. This book includes all of his unique approaches to design and marketing.



Loulou De La Falaise was a designer, model, muse and general icon for Paris fashion. For 40 years she was a major figure for numerous designers. Whether your familiar with her work or not, this book holds 400 photos of fashionable greatness.



Halston was the creator of Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat. He is known for his minimalistic pieces and hefty influence on American fashion. This book was written by his niece and reveals the underbelly of his inspirations and private life.


JEAN PATOU: A FASHIONABLE LIFE (Release date – October 1st)

Jean Patou gave us the little black dress, jersey sportswear, and day pajamas. In this book the family has agreed to share private documents, sketches, and moment of Patou’s private life.




Please, have your piece and Sugar Smacks (Honey Smacks? When did they start calling them Honey Smacks?) ready. Before you dive into your commute to Rosslyn, enjoy a community where “alphets” and “fam” dominate the conversation. Sure, your coworkers can be the reason Forbes listed this city as “cool,” but find inspiration from legit style setters and hypebeasts. Fuck the Brooks Brothers crowd, you are now in the world of street fashion. Pump your FKA Twigs bootleg live album, and Let That Bitch Flow.

thehoundstoodth_banner  (http://thehoundstoothblog.com/)

On to the locals. With eyes glazed, a bit of e-voyeurism kicks off your inevitable real live voyeurism on DC’s streets. Laugh at those you hate. Envy those you love. And probably, envy those you hate too. Street style is little more than an internet comment rabbit hole. Which is perfect, because you’re probably mystified by Alice in Wonderland at this very second and WHO THE FUCK WEARS WEDGES.



Dude. Like, dude. I want all of this. All. One third shop, one third history lesson, one third style guide? Sold.


SOME AMAZING instagram stalking of the fine people who contributed to this guide:


Expect: yes, lots of chambray, but also: a great sense of humor, just-perfect daily rituals, cute dogs, cute hats, cute husbands, cute friends, cute family and a pile of closet inspiration.



Expect: Great people watching, travel watching, cat watching, boyfriend watching and snippets from pretty much any and every DC event worth visiting. Extra bold haircuts and lipcolors everywhere too.



Expect: Super cool DC girls, Super cool NYC girls, blog star cameos, magazine worthy tableaux, great staging and more.



Expect: The very definition of a well curated (and extra cozy) life, as exemplified in – gorgeous products, gorgeous textures, gorgeous reads, gorgeous people. We’ll take all of each.



Expect: daily vintage treasure hunts, perfect styling, and best looks from the shop visitors. Step right in….


and finally…


  • D.C Fashion Week — This is a conglomeration of D.C fashion events from marketing and blogging to fashion shows. Fashion Week events are set at different locations across D.C like the National Archives and H Street. Every day there is either a fashion show to attend or a fashion networking party.
  • 21st International Couture Collections — September 28th @5, This event is the finale of D.C Fashion Week and is not to be missed. International designers will be presenting their latest collections. The event is cocktail attire and a VIP option is available. VIP tickets sit front-row, receive a deluxe gift bag, a champagne toast, and attend the pre-show reception.
  • Slayed: Mentally Stable Fashionably Sick — September 20th @ 8, This event is a fashion show that focuses on supporting mental illness awareness. Material providing information on mental illness as well as models that are affected by mental illness will be at the fashion show. A portion of the proceeds will be given to the National Alliance for Mental Illness.
  • Curvy Divas Fashion Show — September 27 @ 3:30-7:30, This fall fashion show mixer showcases clothes for sizes 8 and up. The clothes, accessories, and purses will all be for sale so you can watch and shop! The clothes are from consignment boutiques so look out for those vintage finds.
  • Bloomingdale’s Fall Into Fashion — October 1st @6, This event kicks off the autumn season with a private event of discounts, champagne, and light bites. There will be 20% discounts on the clothes and 10% of the proceeds will go to the Junior League. Jump on the chance to get a beauty makeover at the Bloomingdale’s makeup counter.
  • Stylemakers and Changemakers Fashion Show — October 3rd @ 8-midnight, This fashion show and fundraiser raises money for the advocacy group Critical Exposure. The event includes music, cocktails, hair and make up, social media contests for fashion and a raffle for a special prize.
  • Fashion Art Design — October 25th, This Georgetown specific event celebrates the fashion, art, and design of the area. It will be a full day and night experience showcasing the unique designs of stores in Georgetown.
  • 56th Annual Holiday Shops — November 20th-23rd, This event is hosted by the Junior League of Washington’s at the Sphinx Club. The proceeds support literacy in the JLW program. Kick off your holiday shopping with three days of shopping and special events for a good cause.

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