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vashti03_.jpg Here and BYT
we decided that occasionally,
even if we are unable to personally interview
our soon to be in DC music guests,
maybe we can still do some footwork/homework
for you before the show.
And what a better show to start with
than telling the 35 year old musical story of Vashti Bunyon,
a semi fabled British folk artist who is having
a show that is taking place this Friday at 8 pm
at the r’n’r hotel

Vashti Bunyan was an English folksinger who debuted in 1965 in the wake of Donovan, but had to wait five years before she could release a full-length album, Just Another Diamond Day (Islands, 1970 – Spinney, 2000).

Helped out by Robin Williamson, Dave Swarbrick, Simon Nicol and others, she delivered psalms drenched in eastern mysticism but in the bucolic, idyllic tone of early Donovan.

Songs ranged from a cappella (Window Over The Bay) to orchestral (Rose Hip November). And all we heard was… heartbreaking

She disappeared for 30 years, until she was asked to guest on Piano Magic’s Writers Without Homes (4AD, 2002).

Her rediscovery peaked with the four-song EP Prospect Hummer (Fat Cat, 2005), a collaboration with Bmore’s very ownAnimal Collective

After three decades and a half, a new album by Vashti Bunyan finally surfaced: Lookaftering(DiCristina Stair Builders, 2005). Backed by (among others) Mice Parade’sAdam Pierce, Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, and availing herself of Max Richter’s discrete neo-classical orchestration, Bunyan picked up from where she left, her voice sounding virtually the same.

It is all just like it was 35 years a go, but with a litle bit of electronics sprinkled f top, and swith dashes of Nick Drakeness ON top.
This is a true modern folk music fairytale come to and (edgy) ending and DC should be most grateful to be able to experience it in person this friday…..


and in the meantime stream the album in all its heartbreaking glory here: at Fat Cat Records
refer to here for a bunch of MP3 available for your use, abuse and love: MP3’s at SF gate