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you have your Submarines, your Rosebuds, your Mates of State and then…then you have your Dean and Britta.
Composed of a married couple, half british, half scandinavian in spirit Dean and Britta have taken part in several semi-iconic ventures of the 90s and the 00s.
To begin with…
Dean Wareham bowed out of two beloved indie rock bands…
While Galaxie 500(with its Harvard academic pedigree and intense atmospherics) imploded into indelibility, Luna (that Britta was part of as well) outlasted nearly every other darling of the 1990s until finally calling it quits in 2005.
In 2005 they recorded their nostalgic, stylish, named after an Antonioni movie “L’avventura” with the help of TOny Visconti (who himself has done producing work for everyone from T.Rex to David the Bowie) and last year released “Back Numbers” which, we will argue to death with you on this, is the definition of classy/intelligent pop lounge.
(the fact that the 2 names it gets most compared to are Serge Gainsburg and Briggitte Bardot’s 60s kitten music, should speak for itself)

And as though that just wasn’t enough the duo also started doing film scores (in their ample spare time, we are sure) including the (more than semi) iconic score for Noah Baumbach’s “The squid and the whale”.

And also, Britta herself was at one time the voice of “Jem (and the Holograms)” and starred in “Satisfaction” with Julia Roberts.(the tag line being these girls just want to have fun)

How is that for being around?

they play a show this Thursday at the Cat (with Meredith Bragg and the Terminals opening) and you would be silly to miss it, with its 90s and 00s iconography merging one one stage.

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