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Welcome to part 3 of our Live Sessions series. This one has been a little long coming because I kept attempting to make it a feature but with relaunches, Radiohead and everything else…it was not meant to be.

Which is not to say that Ravens and Chimes are not amazing.
We’ve said it many times.

ZR7L4972.jpg ZR7L4974.jpg ZR7L5001.jpg

So, here they are, not wanting to go to rehab, in an alley behind RNR, right before their show a few weeks a go.

download good quality movie: here

all photos by: Lexie Moreland (http://www.lexiemoreland.com/)
video: Dave Adams (http://www.wakeupthegiant.com/) and Ryan Wakeman
sound: Rodrigo Salvatierra

previous live sessions can be seen here:

+ Stewart Lupton
+ French Kicks

We hope you love these as much as we do.