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How do you define delusion?

If the person you support can not win something, is it delusional to continue support? If you’re invited to a party and you don’t like the host of the party, is it delusional to show up to the party and try to convince everyone at the party that the party isn’t good?


Night 3 of the Republican National Convention was surreal. I thought I was witnessing the first stump speech of 2020.

Senator Cruz owned the room. He was the first speaker to command attention without using a catchphrase or a chant.

Then things changed.

Within 23 minutes, one man went from the potential future savior of the GOP to the current plague on the GOP.

Then the screens went black.

Press are required to be on the floor in assigned increments. In order to give every outlet a chance for coverage, we’re able to be near the stage in 15, 30 and 60 minute increments. We have to return to the pickup and drop off table, located in the tunnels of the arena. During Newt Gingrich’s speech/attempt at explaining what Cruz meant to say, the Fire Marshall said there were too many people on the floor. Delegates and press were not allowed to re-enter the floor, regardless of credential. This did not sit well with many delegates.

Elderly women in sequin red, white and blue vests chastised cameramen. Cruz supporters told us they’ll never support Cruz now. At the same time, Cruz sent out a fundraising email.

We left the arena to watch the Mike Pence’s speech near the protestors. On the way out we ran into Robert Smigel. He’s having an OK time. And he hasn’t been kicked out.