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Holidays can be a trying time for the gay indiesexuals who frequent Taint at the DC9. Three-day weekends require the hipster regulars to share their sanctuary with a drove of Britney Spears gays who find themselves with a sudden day off and in search of a Sunday night party.

For several years, the monthly Taint parties at the DC9 have afforded gay punks and scenesters with a Sunday-night respite of what normally stands for gay nightlife in D.C. This Sunday, New York-based DJ Rob Diaz continues the Taint tradition of supplying a steady mash-up of electro, brit-pop, indie and punk. The night will also feature the screenings of three short films by director Grant Guilliams in between the music sets.

Go early, as lines on holiday weekends tend to linger a bit long outside the front door. And readers are warned that the dimly-lit upstairs (I may be old-fashioned, but I don’t think that a bar should be that dark unless some backroom action is taking place) is often overcrowded when faced with a work-free Monday. This makes it impossible to find friends three feet away at Taint without text-messaging multiple times. Still, attendees will find that the low-key vibe among the regulars quickly moves the overcrowded experience from bearable to quite enjoyable.

Cher fans should expect to be flashed a disappointed look by patrons when an appletini order is placed in lieu of a beer at the bar. However, the crowd tends to be welcoming of all sexual orientations and musical tastes during these Taint events that fall on holiday weekends. That atmosphere, along with the music, is a reason why regulars return.

Memorial Day Weekend TAINT
Sunday, May 27th @ DC9, Doors 9pm $5
Featuring Guest DJ Rob Diaz