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In a year in which the likes of jazz’s established mainstream declared the death of it’s cool, nothing has done more in the District to make a claim for jazz’s enduring cred than the DC Jazz Loft shows at the Red Door. Walking down an alley somewhere off 4th and I, opening a Red Door and climbing up a tiny spriral staircase into a room containing more instruments than furniture, you get the sense that the space is as improvised as the music and sitting on a ladder or cross legged on the floor with a dixie cup full of wine has a way of making the music accesible. This is just what the music needed. It’s no surprise in a transient city like DC that this weekend will be the closing show in the series; the building that houses the loft is being torn down to make way for residential units . It would be easy to lament the loss of a great scene, but this Saturday at the Red Door is set to be a celebration.

To say nothing of the phenomenal music that CapitolBop has presented at the Red Door – covering the range from uber talented mashups to prominent imports and beyond – the audiences are always diverse in every way imaginable. The informal nature of the shows breeds exchange and the dialogue between the audience and the musicians gives it an element of community; everyone is engaged in the making of the moment. The bands play from deep within themselves and explore uncharted territories – at times it feels as though nothing more important  could be happening anywhere else in the city.

The show starts this SATURDAY at 7PM and goes till 2AM, with the following bands appearing in order and getting meatier as the night draws to its fiery conclusion:

  • OOO+

Red Door

443 I St, NW (in the alley – look for the red door – map)

Metro: Mt Vernon Sq or Gallery Place – Chinatown, you can also take the Circulator bus closer along K St/ Mass Ave to 5th St. I St is one block behind Mass.