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Here at BYT we’re a little obsessed with music. Some of our best friends are DJs.

So here’s what we want from you:

1) List anywhere from one to ten of your favorite albums of 2006 (original release date must be in 2006, no US re-releases, reissues or comps, that is old news sucka! DJ mixes and EPs are ok though)

2) Optionally, embellish your list with comments about why these albums are super awesome (just a list is good enough though)

3) Feel free to list your least fav album of 2006 as well (hint: She Wants Revenge or DJ Shadow)

4) Email what you got, plus where you’re from and your age to [email protected]

We’ll compile all the results and post a year end BYT reader’s choice top 10 list. Wheeeee! And we might use some of your comments if they’re not retarded.

What’s in it for me you ask? Besides the obvious incentive to voice your opinion to strangers, we’ll pick one respondent at random who will get this groovy prize package including:

being guest listed to the Jan 6th, 2007 Tease party @ DC9 w/ Stellastarr* Djing
being guest listed to the Jan 20th, 2007 Garutachi event @ R&R Hotel w/ somebody cool DJing (we don’t know yet)
+ we’ll throw in some drink tickets
a $20 Gift Certificate to the new DC record shop Som Records!

1843 14th Street NW
Washington, DC
open every day noon ’til late!

(we will only pick a winner who is 21+ and in the DC metro area, cause otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense, but all are encouraged to submit)

Read, Set, GO!