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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting!)
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HERE WE GO with our SP00ooOOo000ooOOOoOooKY edition ft. special guests Nick Partridge (of Air and Space Museum) and Lemz (DJ extraordinaire):


Favorite spooky book: So this is very silly but I’m not a big fan of scary things so the scariest book I’ve ever read and loved is a YA mystery called Shadow Horse. Which is… a mystery about a horse…but I um, really enjoyed it. 

Favorite Halloween movie(s): Hocus Pocus. My ideal level of scary. I am also re-watching all four Halloweentowns and am surprised since I watched them so much but I don’t really remember them all that well.  

Favorite Halloween memory: Probably the year I dressed my puppy Donald up as a “Prisoner of Love”. It didn’t really fit.

Favorite Halloween costume: My sister and I went as the “Straight Out of Mordor” Gandalf’s one Halloween (from the Workaholics skit of the same name.)

Halloween plans? Watching my friend DJ Lemz and 930 Clubs’ Halloween edition of BENT on twitch!


Favorite spooky book: It definitely doesn’t count as “spooky” all around, but there’s a part in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise titled “The Devil” that still gives me the heebie-jeebies; the main character keeps seeing this man in a normal-looking suit staring at him, and nothing seems out of place until… “Then, suddenly, Amory perceived the feet, and with a rush of blood to the head he realized he was afraid. The feet were all wrong …he wore no shoes, but, instead, a sort of half moccasin, pointed, though, like the shoes they wore in the fourteenth century, and with the little ends curling up. They were a darkish brown and his toes seemed to fill them to the end…. They were unutterably terrible….” UNUTTERABLY TERRIBLE FEET oh my god.

Favorite Halloween movie(s): I mean, if we’re talking Halloween classics, I think I kind of have to go with the default of Hocus Pocus or Beetlejuice on this one. (I just don’t ever get sick of either, just like I will never get sick of Home Alone at Christmas.) But if we’re talking about (slightly) more recent semi-spooky/supernatural favorites, I have to shout out The Lure, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and Thelma. (V. FEMALE-DRIVEN, V. GRL PWR.)

Favorite Halloween memory: I don’t know that I can pinpoint a specific one…we were pretty big into Halloween in my family, so I always felt like the lead-up with decorating and pumpkin carving and digging out the costume box from the basement was more fun than the actual night itself. (And most of my adult Halloweens are either p. hazy or better off not recounting.)

Favorite Halloween costume: I really enjoyed being the math meme lady a few years ago, mostly because it was a costume that cost like $3. I was also a flask one year at college, and that was pretty effective. (Pictures below.)

Halloween plans? A friend already had a socially distanced Halloween party on her roof a few weeks ago, so I feel like I’ve gotten the FOMO out. I will probably just sit in my apartment and watch scary movies and make a cheese board that is mostly just Halloween candy.


Favorite spooky book: The Twenty Days of Turin by Girogio De Maria

Favorite spooky movie: Alien

Favorite Halloween memory: The time I was part of a group costume as The Muppets (I was Dr. Honeydew)

Favorite Halloween costume: Either Hannibal Lecter or Blake from Children’s Hospital.

Halloween plans: Watching spooky movies at home and waiting for (socially distant) trick or treaters.


Favorite spooky book: The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

Favorite Halloween movie: Monster Squad

Favorite Halloween memory: Living in Athens, GA and staying downtown super late on Halloweens that fell on a Saturday with the daylight savings time change—2am happens twice! 2020 is another of these rare opportunities, but it’s less spooky and more scary this year.   

Favorite Halloween costume: My most elaborate costume was Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe—fun to put together, but head-to-toe, monochrome black is hard to photograph.

Halloween plans? Putting together costumes from things we have around the house and doing lowkey activities with the family—hopefully we can get back to parades and trick or treating in 2021!


Favorite spooky book: To be completely honest when I read it’s usually about music. I guess Goosebumps? My DMs are open if anyone is down to send me some spooky book suggestions!! @djlemz

Favorite Halloween movie: Suspiria (2018) – The constant overcast rainy Berlin vibes, the powerful witches, the dancing!!! chef’s kiss if this whole DJing thing doesn’t work out, I’m gonna mount a touring production of Volk.

Favorite Halloween memory: Gonna have to go with HellBENT 2019. I adored my costume even though it was impossible to DJ in (had a large plush tiger mounted on my head MAULING me), the crowd was modeling all kinds of amazing costumes which was so fun to get immersed in, my album came out the night before at the Kennedy Center so I got to open my set with one of my own tunes, AND my parents attended and adorably strutted the runway in front of the crowd. There was so much to smile about that night. OOF this is hard to think about! I’m pretty bummed about the perfect storm this year was set to be: Full moon, Saturday night, clocks falling back at 2am gifting us all an extra hour of dancing. Coincidentally, we announced our 80’s theme the same day the Miss Adam’s Morgan Pageant revealed an 80’s theme. The overlap was gonna be so great. It’s not all terrible though – the co-producer of BENT, Guillaume, is having a milestone birthday Saturday at Midnight hand in hand with 9:30 Club’s 40th Anniversary. Even though there’s much to celebrate… UGH

Favorite Halloween costume: 2011. BJÖRK. Not any specific era Björk though, it was my own take on the embodiment of her. About 3 days before, my husband Stu and I decided we’d spend our Halloween at DC9, which fell on a Monday. We only had the weekend to throw our costumes together relatively quickly. Stu picked an easy costume and I just HAD to be extra and attempt an ‘Accordion Dress’. I stole three cardboard boxes from work and immediately made a JoAnn run for fabric, string, and ribbons. I measured the string and tied the boxes together so each box would hang about 2 feet below the next box. Wrapped the whole thing in the fabric and cut out holes for my head, arms, and belt loops in the middle point of each string. Once it was on my body, I strung the ribbons through the belt loops and pulled them in as tight as possible to my body and tied it into a bow on each level. This forced the dress to shape like an accordion and it looked AMAZING for a first timer. Got a MUA friend to doll up my face and threw on a black wig. I remember that night was extremely cold and the dress wasn’t doing ANYTHING to keep me warm, as everything was held together by more string, hot glue, staples, and a strong prayer. Oh, and the whole time Stu told me I couldn’t do it in time so it was nice to be correct for once.

Halloween plans? No Plans! Probably gonna stay in and watch a scary movie…I’m totally lying! Please tune into BentTV on Halloween!!  It’s part concert film, part livestream, and completely done on site at the 9:30 Club. We go live at 9PM at twitch.tv/DJLemz  . All the advance footage was filmed over the course of three days so we could work with all the performers and dancers safely, and through the magic of editing on top of the live aspect we’re aiming to deliver the energy of BENT directly to you. The stream is completely free, but if you’re able we ask you to consider donating. Links will be on screen and our lovely host Pussy Noir will remind you here and there! Half of the donations will go to the performers, and the other half will be benefiting NIVA in an effort to help #saveourstages. Both performers AND venues are struggling so bad right now. I can’t even begin to explain how much pride we take in using this platform to simultaneously highlight a portion of the vast amount of local talent here and help save some stages while we’re at it. This is going to be a special night and I hope you enjoy it as much as we love putting it together. ️