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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting! In fact, today’s special guest is Diya Eggleston, CCO of our sister agency, Exactly!)

This week’s guests are Afua Anokwa, Marketing Communications Director, and Amanda Ohlke, Director of Adult Education, from the International Spy Museum. To help the International Spy Museum to continue its mission – click here for Mission: Resilience! 
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Book I am currently reading: I’ve been on vacation so have been powering through a very high quantity of thrillers (like, one a day level of powering through). The one that stands out head and shoulders above others is True Story by Kate Reed Perry – thank you to Alan for the recommendation. It is pretty spectacular and literary (the fact that a thriller had an Elif Batuman quote on the cover was a solid first hint at the quality and stylistic ambition that awaits).

Tune of the week: “Sunday Morning” by Margot Guryan – perfect vacation music

TV show/ movie I recommend: still on that Ted Lasso train but am very hopeful for all the new thriller-y shows being released in September (Ratched, Enola Holmes, Young Wallander etc.)

Something I am excited about: mid-day naps (a true luxury)

Where I have been getting takeout/delivery from lately: Rasika West End, Anju and Pizzeria Paradiso are all in a 10 block radius from us, do the take-out game RIGHT (ie: not dressing your Palaak chaat in advance so it gets soggy etc) and just as good on your couch as they were in person.


Book I’m currently reading: I finally finally finished Winter of the Witch, the third book of Katherine Arden’s Winternight trilogy  and I haven’t moved on to anything else because nothing will ever be quite as good again. The trilogy is perfection and I wish I could somehow forget it and re-read it afresh.

Tune of the week: “Cold Feet- Cat Dealers Remix” – Loud Luxury, Cat Dealers. Not only is it a good remix, but I love the name Cat Dealers, I keep picturing like a shady person on a street corner dealing kittens.

Movie I recommend: Erm I’m rewatching all the Lord of the Rings in the background while I work (and all three are on HBOMax). Also no apologies if I begin talking like Boromir in my emails.

Something I’m excited about: We just announced our Perfect End of Summer Staycation giveaway and it has truly some of my favorite things/ local businesses and while I am sad I cannot win it I also get to be the one to tell the winner they won and I am super excited to see their reaction. (Also you should enter if you haven’t yet).

Where have you been getting takeout/delivery from lately: So in effort to save money (an effort that is failing miserably, I just spent way too much money on pajamas and facial toner from Jordan Harper), I haven’t really been getting takeout much, but when I do it is usually Shouk or Sweetgreen because I have zero patience and they both have great vegan options, super fast delivery, are relatively cheap and I love Shouk’s hummus.


Book I am currently reading: I’m nearly done with Naoise Dolan’s Exciting Times, which I started over the weekend. (Could’ve easily finished in one sitting, but alas, there have been distractions.) Anyway, really have enjoyed the 82% ye olde Kindle says I’ve read so far; it’s an interesting meditation on power dynamics through the lens of relationships, class, even language. Also, major bonus points for queer vibes! (And double major bonus points for reminding me why it was v. excruciating when I got a crush I didn’t want on an Irish person one time! Too many weird rules re: expression of feelings! Dear universe: no more of those ever, please!)

Tune of the week:Scream Drive Faster” by LAUREL is a mood! (Also, Sarah Dooley covered “Scatman” at my request last night, and it’s p. epic.)

TV show/movie I recommend: Does soccer count as a TV show? Because I vote for everyone to start watching FA WSL matches on NBC Sports! Seriously, it is LIT DOT COM this season (which just started over the weekend) // Tobin Heath and Christen Press are officially playing for Manchester United, Sam Mewis and Rose Lavelle are at Man City (and Lucy Bronze is coming back from Lyon to play for them, too), Chelsea (which already has a bananas-good squad) just spent a bonkers amount to get Pernille Harder from Wolfsburg…THE LIST GOES ON. (I’m still Arsenal all the way, PS, but V. AMPED FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE FUN!)

Something I am excited about: 100% the US Open final this weekend!

Where I have been getting takeout/delivery from lately: Cooking is like, therapeutic for me (NECESSARY RIGHT NOW), so the only places I’ve gotten “takeout” from is local bars here in Brooklyn, namely Jimbo Slims, Rosemont and Gertie. (I’m not usually a tropi-cocktail kinda guy, but I’ve been pretty into frozen margaritas and p. much all coconut situations.)

Chief Creative Officer of our sister agency, Exactly

Book I am currently reading: Living With Kids and Dogs by Colleen Pelar. Our corgi has been showing signs of aggression towards the baby so I’ve been reading as much as I can on how to manage the situation.

Tune of the week: I’ve rediscovered Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” (and the whole Violator album) after hearing the showed down version on the Death On The Nile Trailer the other day.

TV show/movie I recommend: Since we moved to London I was told we had to watch Gavin and Stacey, so there’s that.

Something I am excited about: Going to get our first fish and chips at a “chippie” shop this weekend at a place called The Codfather. No really.

Where I have been getting takeout/delivery from lately: Dishoom! It’s an amazing Indian food spot here in London that serves up lighter versions of the classics.

BYT Film Editor

Book I’m currently reading: Lush Life by Richard Price. This is like the crime novel equivalent of Meet in the Bathroom, a murder mystery set in the Lower East Side in the late aughts. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for access to a speakeasy that requires a password.

Tune of the week: “Heartbeat” by Oceanator. Look, sometimes I need jittery guitar pop that’s played so fast I worry it disintegrate before it ends. 

Movie I’d recommend: Bill and Ted Face the Music. It’s like Tenet, another movie about time travel, except the music is much easier to understand.  

Something I’m excited about: My neighbors to finish their home improvement projects. Things are bad enough as it is, so incessant jackhammering doesn’t help. 

Where I’ve been getting takeout: I recently got Maydan, which was delicious, but so far the consistently good places are Red Hen, Nina May, and Call Your Mother. Their white fish bagel sandwich deserves a chef’s kiss.

Director of Adult Education at International Spy Museum

Book I’m currently reading: House of Leaves and Chanel’s Riviera – horror in both! Nazis in Paris. Yuck.

Tune of the week: “My Song” by Labi Siffre – the whole song will make you smile even if there is a pandemic.

TV show I recommend: Umbrella Academy season 2 – Dallas early 60s: fight for civil rights, apocalypse, a guru, and an assassination.

Where I’ve been getting takeout: Can’t live without Margs from Cactus Cantina. Keep em handy in your freezer for the toughest days.

Marketing Communications Director at International Spy Museum

Book I’m currently reading: Dr. Patricia Allen’s Doing Relationships Right 

Tune of the week: I’m listening to WAP

TV show I recommend: HBO’s Lovecraft Country (fantastic show).