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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting! In fact, today’s special guest is Diya Eggleston, CCO of our sister agency, Exactly!)
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Book I am currently reading: Otessa Moshfegh – Death In Her Hands. The author of Eileen and My Year of Rest And Relaxation (both of which are the best worst ideas for quarantine reading) is back with a new novel about a maybe murder and a widow and her dog maybe solving it. I can’t wait to be (beautifully) unsettled.

Tune of the week:You , Me & Her” – The Capulets. A nice little summer jam, and a perfect sing along for National Friendship Day (this Thursday).

TV show I recommend: I finally watched season 1 of The Alienist (perfect for fans of Hannibal and a great reminder that we are, in fact, LUCKY that today is not end-of-19th century America) and am diving into season 2, based on Carr’s Angel of Darkness book which, so far, is delightfully both expectedly macabre and unexpectedly feminist. As they say: it is summer, we all need a good thriller to lose our minds to.

Movie I recommend: I just watched Autumn De Wilde’s version of Emma and it was a perfect escape from reality, all candy colors and insane wall coverings and funny, superficial intrigue.

Something I am excited for: I recently discovered the Headspace app which has been a quarantine lifesaver for me. It has kids meditations for waking up, for focus, for all sorts of little things that are day-to-day challenges, and while I am neither a child nor do I have one, they are a perfect pick-me-up no matter the time of day. Try it. Wiggle your toes while you meditate.


Book I am currently reading: ICYMI, last week I was reading Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls (which I thoroughly enjoyed, partly because it felt like someone else’s memoir but also kind of my own?), and now I am on to The Way Through The Woods: On Mushrooms and Mourning by Long Litt Woon, which is another memoir (of sorts) about a woman and grief and mycology. (Grief and mycology are two of my main interests so I can already tell a quarter of the way through that this is going to be a mega-keeper.)

Tune of the week: I would love to tell you something less obvious than Taylor Swift – “cardigan”, but…Taylor Swift – “cardigan”

TV show I recommend: Like a true, lifelong PBS nerd, I’ve really been enjoying The Durrells in Corfu on Masterpiece, which is a comedy-drama about a British family that moves to Greece after the kids’ dad/wife’s husband dies in the 1930s. Mainly, IT’S JUST A LOT OF FUN AND HIJINKS. (And it also feels summertime-appropriate in a way that aligns with this oppressive and seemingly unending heat. Bonus points for that.)

Something I am excited about: It appears all I get excited about these days is TV, but as a single person living alone during a pandemic in the middle of my least favorite season, I AM PERPETUALLY GRASPING AT STRAWS. I am pumped for In My Skin (a Welsh coming of age dark comedy series from BBC) to debut on Hulu tomorrow, and I am excited to hack the planet (and/or finally get a VPN) so I can watch the new season of Wentworth; it just premiered in Australia on Monday night, and if you haven’t seen it up to this point (it’s on Netflix) you are missing out on some TRULY bananas (in a good way) lady prison drama.


Book I’m currently reading: Last week I was reading  One To Watch by Kate Stayman-London and I wasn’t super into it, but like the very type A human I am, I had to finish it and the ending was v v good. I’m now reading The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden, the sequel to Bear and the Nightingale, which was so stunning and haunting and perfect and also somehow involves Russian folklore (so there’s swords in it.. which is always important for me).  

Tune of the week: “Goosebumps (HVME Remix)” by Travis Scott and “Rockstar” by N.E.R.D. (because Blue Crush is coming to HBO! See below!). 

TV show I recommend: Oh boy, I have been doing nothing but watching Below Deck. But also, because I can’t ever not work, treating it as a seminar in small teams management. I love it so much. I am currently on season 4 of Below Deck: Mediterranean and they were just in the most beautiful town in the south of France that my sister and I once backpacked (well suitcased really as we didn’t actually carry backpacks, although come to think of it we couldn’t carry our suitcases either which resulted in some craziness at the train station in Venice but anyways) through called Eze and it was such a treat. 

Movie I recommend: Blue Crush is coming to HBOMax and I re-watched it a few months ago and realized it was truly very, very, formative for my taste in men (also love of surfing but anyways..).  Also very excited to randomly scream “ANNE-MARIE!” when looking for someone and have people understand this reference. 

Something I’m excited about: So we did a call for mask recommendations on the Brightest Young Things instagram and were absolutely inundated with DMs and comments recommending masks from local, minority owned company – Lark House, so I am very excited to check them out.

Chief Creative Officer of our sister agency, Exactly

Book I’m currently reading: The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Tune of the week: Jamie Woon “Dedication

TV show I recommend: I’m Sorry on Netflix.  

Something I’m excited about: Moving to London soon!