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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting!)
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Book I’m currently reading: Currently on book 5 of the Freida Klein mysteries from Nicki French.

Tune of the week: Have been doing a lot of fall Yo La Tengo background listening.

TV show I recommend: Finally watching The Crown season 4 and The Queen’s Gambit so I can participate is social conversations this month.

Something I’m excited about: For retailers to stop sending me offers about special discounts that are happening JUST TODAY (but really are going on all month). Having said that, I did buy a ridiculous tropical winter outfit from Farm Rio to wear in December AT HOME, so it should be noted that the emails do seem to be working.

If I could permanently delete one holiday song in existence from the constant December loop, I’d choose: The only Christmas song I truly believe in is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You”, so all the other ones are expendable. But I guess “Baby, its cold outside” should just leave the planet to avoid any further awkward conversations about it ever again.


Book I’m currently reading: The Abstainer by Ian McGuire. His first novel, The North Water, was a terrifying historical thriller, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting this follow-up!

Tune of the week: Scratchcard Lanyard.” ‘Tis the season for sullen English post-punk.

TV show I recommend: The Toast of London (Netflix). I’ve been going through Matt Berry withdrawal since What We Do in the Shadows ended, and this show is a terrific replacement: bizarre, surreal, and with amazing repeat gags.

Something I’m excited about: Cyberpunk 2077. I’ve been waiting for this video game for months, and I look forward to it ruining my life.

If I could permanently delete one holiday song in existence from the constant December loop, I’d choose: “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” We’ve moved beyond it as a culture, but the discourse around it remains incredibly annoying.


Book I’m currently reading: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas. I had started this a bit ago and just re-picked it up and can’t remember why I put it down, everything Sarah J Maas is a must read if you’re even remotely into fantasy novels.

Tune of the week: “Practice” by DaBaby. Mostly due to this dancing cat. Also “I Leave Again” by Petit Biscuit.

TV show I recommend: I am also watching The Crown in between binge-ing old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. Truly opposite ends of the production spectrum.

Something I’m excited about: Oh man I feel like staring down into the abyss of this long and scary winter is kind of robbing me of any and all excitement lately. But Assasin’s Creed Valhalla is finally out and I’ve been too busy to buy it but I do really want to play! I just have no video game video chill and I can’t like… do anything else once I get into a game!

If I could permanently delete one holiday song in existence from the constant December loop, I’d choose: So there’s a song they used to play all the time on 94.7 which is the local area radio station that went all Christmas all the time (and still does) called Christmas Shoes, and it is truly the most depressing. It’s about a child wanting to buy shoes for his mom on Christmas Eve as she’s dying. It gave me nightmares as a kid.


Book I’m currently reading: I’m in the middle of Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe; so far I can’t fault it for the writing, but I think maybe it might be more enjoyed by someone who doesn’t know much about the Troubles and/or Dolours Price? (I weirdly know a fair bit about both, slash nearly everything he’s talked about up to this point in the book has been decently covered in I, DOLOURS. But maybe I’m about to get my socks knocked off in the upcoming pages, TBD.)

Tune of the week: YELLE just released the AMAZING video for “Vue d’en face”, so I’ve had that on mega-loop.

TV show I recommend: That cheese rolling episode of We Are The Champions on Netflix is p. next-level.

Something I’m excited about: VERY pumped for The Prom to hit Netflix on Friday. It looks DELIGHTFUL, and I don’t even like musicals! (Basically, just please let it be better than Happiest Season // how could anything NOT be better than Happiest Season.)

If I could permanently delete one holiday song in existence from the constant December loop, I’d choose: “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. Just…why.