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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting!)
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Book I’m currently reading: I got myself super into Nicci French’s Frieda Klein murder mysteries. There are 7 books, each named for a day of the week and this is basically MY Harry Potter for this season.

Tune of the week: The new Billie Eilish is pretty strong

TV show I recommend: Darkness – a dark, disturbing Danish murder mystery I swallowed in 3 days. But very excited for Dash & Lily as an escapist palate cleanser.

Something I’m excited about: We are taking all of next week off which we will need after how busy the last 2 weeks have been here. Naps, here I come.

What’s the Thanksgiving landscape shaping up to look like for me this year? Hang at home, eat pie, watch a lot of Criterion collection movies and a lot of streaming trash, not get sick. The usual.


Book I’m currently reading: I am making my way through His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik still and maybe I’m just having a stressful week but at times it’s so good I find myself tearing up, not because it is sad but because it’s just so good. The book is essentially a re-telling of the Napoleonic wars if there had been dragons involved, but it’s really well written.  A must read for any fantasy lover. 

Tune of the week: Weeeee by Trippie Redd.I love Trippie, I love his new album Pegasus, and I LOVED episode four of Dave on hulu (see below) where he makes a cameo. 

TV show I recommend: Dave on hulu. So Svetlana recommended this to me and at first I was like.. Lil Dicky? The Freaky Friday/ Chris Brown rapper? But I checked it out and it might.. be the best comedy show I’ve seen since Arrested Development. It’s so clever and well written and just truly laugh out loud funny. Think Silicon Valley but with rappers and just overall a more consistently good show. 

Something I’m excited about: BYT is producing two events for DC Cocktail Week. Community and Cocktails is Friday at 5pm and NON-PROOF: Alcohol Free + Low Proof Cocktails and Conversation, Sunday at 3pm. As a non-drinker I am especially excited about  NON-PROOF as it features some amazing mixology talent (as well as Julia Bainbridge, author of the new and very buzzy book Good Drinks). I would be tuning in even if I didn’t have to be behind the scenes making sure the event happens!

What’s the Thanksgiving landscape shaping up to look like for me this year? So I am having thanksgiving with my parents who luckily live close by in Fairfax. I’m picking up a full vegan meal from Fare Well! Super lucky my parents are down to have a full vegan thanksgiving, we’ve had it before from Fare Well and they do a great job.  Out of an abundance of caution there’ll be a lot of quarantine-ing and covid tests next week and even though it’s only the three of us we’ll be eating outside in our carport. 

They’ve been in my quarantine bubble of people I am associating with but still…better safe than sorry.

I’ve never been more stressed about thanksgiving. 


Book I’m currently reading: I just started (like JUST, aka I’m on page 7 out of 420) Square Haunting: Five Women, Freedom and London Between the Wars by Francesca Wade, but on Wednesday I finished The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food by Marcus Samuelsson, which I really enjoyed.

Tune of the Week: My friend sent me a sad dog video with Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco’s “Lonely” as the soundtrack and so I have mainly been listening to that.

Movie I recommend: I watched David Freyne’s Dating Amber last week and am obsessed // it takes place in 90s Ireland, and the only two gay teens at a high school in a rural town decide to be each other’s beards until graduation. Genuinely SO CUTE. (Also genuinely SO HEARTBREAKING, at times. I definitely cried but also I was getting my period so it’s hard to say if you will also cry. I think you probably will, at least once, but maybe not as hard as me.) I think you have to pay to rent it in the US via Amazon Prime/YouTube/etc., but I pretended to be in the UK via my VPN so I got to stream it free. (SORRY NOT SORRY.) Completely worth the $4.99 if you don’t have a VPN, though // highly recommend.

Something I’m excited about: Genuinely very excited to watch Happiest Season when it’s on Hulu next week, but I am also genuinely very concerned I may hate it? I trust Clea DuVall immensely, but like, everybody loved Carol and I hated Carol, everybody loved Bly Manor and I hated Bly Manor…I feel it’s inevitable that people will love this and I will hate it.

What’s the Thanksgiving landscape shaping up to look like for me this year? I am SEASONED when it comes to alt holiday celebrations, so I am fairly unfazed by the idea that I’ll be staying put in Brooklyn this year rather than spending Thanksgiving with my mom like usual.