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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting!)
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Our new BYT Intern!!!!!

Book I’m currently reading: More Myself: A Journey by Alicia Keys, part autobiography and part narrative by one of my favorite musicians. I just had to pick this one up!
Tune of the week: By Any Means by Jorja Smith – this song hints at social justice issues gracefully, I am mesmerized each time I listen to it. P.S. The video might give you goosebumps.
TV show I recommend: Currently binging Sneakerheads on Netflix. A comedy that’s making me feel better about my minor sneaker obsession.
Something I’m excited about: I am excited about starting my internship with BYT! Although it’s virtual, we’re making the best of it! Also, the news of NBC’s This Is Us returning earlier than expected!
Favorite thing to cook: Tacos, anyone else religiously follow Taco Tuesday?
Coffee drink of choice: Just tried the Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks, definitely my new favorite Fall drink.
Middle name: Bernice, in honor of my grandmother.


Book I’m currently reading: American Royals by Katharine McGee. It’s set in modern times in an alternative universe where George Washington became a king vs a president and centers around the Washingtons – the royal family of the U.S.A. So far  I like it! Although I cringe every time D.C. as described as having high rises… NEVER. There are still swords so it still fits my general reading aesthetic of not reading anything without a sword in it.
Tune of the week: So Good (feat. bülow) – Whethan.
TV show I recommend: A Room with A View (HBOMax). Romance! Italy! Edwardian England! This movie is so romantic and perfect and I love it. I saw it was on HBOMax and settled in for an evening of hating Daniel Day Lewis.
Something I’m excited about: We are announcing a super super cool virtual event VERY SOON! And I can’t wait to share it.
Favorite thing to cook: Erm I like to roast things! Vegetables and.. well actually only vegetables. I am kind of a nightmare cook, I just don’t have any patience. But I am an excellent roaster. The master of side dishes really.
Coffee drink of choice: Soy latte or an americano, depending on how much other coffee I have had that day. Always with an extra shot.
Middle name: Eve! After seeing some of the other answers I texted my mom to ask why my middle name was Eve, and what I got back was “no reason, we liked the way the names sounded together”… so there you have it. 


Book I’m currently reading: I started reading Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory by Caitlin Doughty over the weekend; October 10th is the five-year anniversary of my dog dying, and October 15th is the five-year anniversary of my dad dying (the universe was really going for it in 2015!), and since we cremated both of them, (weirdly) reading a mortician’s memoir feels mildly therapeutic? If that makes any sense? (I don’t think it’s for everybody, especially if you’re sensitive about death, but for morbid ol’ me it’s been a joy!)
Tune of the week: “THE DREAM OF TOMORROW” by Pilotpriest is ace; I could definitely see myself slow-motion kicking leaves around to this track. (If it ever decides to quit being humid and summer, that is.)
TV show I recommend: Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Gogglebox, which is a British reality show about people watching (and reacting to) the week’s big TV and news moments from their living rooms around the UK. So I have just basically been watching other people watch (and react to) TV. It’s a bit like the Droste effect for if you want your brain cells to slowly dissolve into the ether. (HERE FOR IT TBH.) It’s also a pretty efficient way to find out what’s been going on with shows without having to actually commit to watching all of them. (For example, without having watched the episode, I now I know that Gray pushed Chantelle into the dishwasher on EastEnders and she landed on a knife and Gray didn’t even call 999, what a fucking worm!)
Something you’re excited about: I subscribed to a seafood CSA here in Brooklyn (Mermaid’s Garden in case anybody’s afoot and interested) that supports local fishermen and focuses on responsible/sustainable practices; my first order is ready for pick-up this week, and I’m pretty pumped to see what’s in it. (Is that cool or depressing? I genuinely can’t tell anymore.)
Favorite thing to cook: Favorite thing to cook (to me) implies favorite thing to eat, so I guess I’ll say rice since I have it pretty much every day in some form or other. (Boring answer, but I’m a teller of truths.)
Coffee drink of choice: Honestly, I’ll take any coffee, any way, aside from decaf. (What even is the fucking point?)
Middle name: Colleen. It means “girl” in Irish, which is like, p. boring and cisnormative. (They didn’t even spell it the cool real way, which is Cailín! Thanks a lot, mom and dad, you flippin’ clowns!)

BYT Film Editor

Book I’m currently reading: The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson. It’s a fantasy novel set during The Spanish Inquisition. Those Catholics and their arbitrary, cruel legal systems. Boy, I don’t know!
Tune of the week: “WAR” by IDLES because I am a simple man.
TV show I recommend: The Great Pottery Throw Down. If you enjoy The Great British Bake Off and get annoyed you can’t smell or taste anything, then this is the show for you.
Something I’m excited about: The Spooky Movie is still happening this year!
Favorite thing to cook: Italian food. Ask me about my squash risotto!
Coffee drink of choice: I do love a good Americano.
Middle name: Paul. It’s my grandfather’s name.

Friend of BYT / Special Events Coordinator at Smithsonian American Art Museum

Book I’m currently reading: The Sound of Things Falling by Juan Gabriel Vasquez. I just started it. A few weeks ago, I felt this overwhelming desire to learn more about Colombia. It started with a Wikipedia search about the global coffee trade and the next thing I know I’m reading about Pablo Escobar’s “zoo.” So I ordered some books to increase my knowledge of this seriously fascinating South American country.
Tune of the week: Niki just dropped a debut album called Moonchild. First – I’d love to say I happened upon this 21 year old Indonesian-American songwriter myself, but my much cooler, very talented graphic designer friend introduced me (Thanks, Nathaniel). Second – I don’t know what a Moonchild is but I’m happy to be one if the music sounds like this.
TV show I recommend: I am all in with Svetlana on this one. If you are not watching Ted Lasso I don’t know what you’re doing. There are so few silver linings about 2020 and this is one of them.
Something I’m excited about: My partner and I have been doing “Fright Night Fridays” where we watch a spooky film every Friday night this fall. Next week we’re doing a double feature with Gremlins I and Gremlins II and I CANNOT WAIT.
Favorite thing to cook: ​Soup. I love soup. Ask my college roommate. I would make two pots and eat them all week. It’s so easy, so good. I also love to make bread, so we have a good combo here.
Coffee drink of choice:  ​Black coffee please. I like my beans from the Americas – particularly Guatemala and Colombia. I’m more interested in trying different coffee varieties than flavors.
Middle name: Ryan. Which… you know… if you have any better ones, I’m taking suggestions. Nothing’s set in stone until I die.