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At BYT, we like stuff! (We even LOVE stuff!) And we think you might, too, so here we’ll share with you what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and more. (Sometimes there will be guest stars! Exciting!)
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Book I’m currently reading: Kate Atkinson “Big Sky”, the new Jackson Brodie – back on my thriller train, but at least it is a high quality thriller train this time around.

Tune of the week: Stay Forever – “WHETHAN (ft STRFKR)” – find myself ongoingly mesmerized by it

TV show/ movie I recommend: We just binged “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” on Apple+ and it is a great workplace comedy for a time when we are left without workplaces

Something I’m excited about: Ray and Keeley falling in love on Ted Lasso. Also pretty much everything in our Fall Entertainment Guide

The last “normal” thing I did before quarantimes: I went to my monthly Horror Movie Club on Friday, March 13th. It involved close friends, safe distances, and being scared of things NOT in real life. It was great.

Last used emoji: I was not built for emojis.


Book I’m currently reading: The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follett. Okay so it is WEEK TWO of reading the newest Ken Follett book and I can’t put it down, it’s a GIGANTIC book but I still take it everywhere so I can spend every available second reading it. I tried to read it in the shower before realizing that was definitely impossible and a dumb thing to do! 

Tune of the week: “Why Do We Shake in The Cold” – Elderbrook. Ah the first chilly days of fall have arrived and I am already freezing all the time. This tune I feel, understands my forever cold-ness and is just kind a beautiful and melodic welcome to the new season. 

TV show I recommend: Black Sails (Starz). Ah Black Sails is a PERFECT show! Think a very dramatic and gritty Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s a wonderful adventure with incredibly handsome swashbuckling pirates. The show is complex and layered and your favorite character will change about every 5 seconds but it is a fantastic and immersive show.

Movie I recommend: I just watched Colette (Starz) over the weekend and loved learning more about such an amazing and trailblazing woman. It also made me incredibly depressed about the overall state of women’s rights. 

Something I’m excited about: Okay so this is very silly but my sister (who lives in Denver) and I play Red Dead Redemption online together, we just started last weekend and it is the most fun! So far we have raided an outlaw camp together, and protected a stagecoach from bandits, all while looking very sharp in bowler hats. Super fun sister bonding! Although I haven’t yet figured out how to give my character a bit of a shave, he needs to clean up a bit (as all western outlaws should!)

The last “normal” thing I did before quarantimes: I was on a work trip to Boston and spent literally the day before going home and straight to quarantine visiting some incredible museums, walking around in the sun, and shopping. It was such a beautiful day and I got a vegan ice cream cone from FoMu and got my nails done and it was so relaxing and dreamy. 

Last used emoji: 😂


Book I’m currently reading: In anticipation of The Haunting of Bly Manor (which hits Netflix on October 10th), I decided to read The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (the show is loosely based on this) so I can be that guy who goes, “Well, if you’ll notice…” (Everybody loves that guy!)

Tune of the week: Been p. into Marika Hackman’s melancholic rendition of Grimes’ “Realiti”

TV show I recommend: I skulled the new season of PEN15 in one sitting, so I’d definitely recommend that. (Also I don’t know if I have an extra intense connection with it since Maya Erskine is only a year older than me, hence all of the references are home runs re: personal nostalgia factor, but WOWEE. So good.)

Something I’m excited about: I’ll echo Svetlana in saying that pretty much everything we’ve written about in our Fall Entertainment Guide is exciting to me, but also I’m stoked that WSL matches are back up and running this weekend, and I’m amped that GBBO is on TV again. (They’re in a flippin’ BAKE OFF BUBBLE because of the pandemic this season!)

The last “normal” thing I did before quarantimes: Honestly it’s all kind of a blur; nothing ultra-specific stands out to me, although I did get drinks with my friend Tom at our neighborhood gay bar right around when shit started to get real, so I guess I’ll say that? He’s in his seventies and I remember feeling nervous that we’d gone out after I realized how cases were getting out of control here, so it must’ve been close to the official lockdown.

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BYT Contributing Writer

Book I’m currently reading: Aperiogon. Colum McCann’s most recent book, on the 2020 man booker longlist, explores a friendship between a Palestinian and an Isreali, who are members of a group called the Combatants for Peace. It is aptly titled; the book is about a relentless situation that has an infinite number of sides. It is historical, intimate, relevant and deeply moving. And also beautifully written. 

Tune of the week: Lord Huron’s “When The Night Is Over”

TV show/ movie I recommend: Show: Love in the Time of Corona. all the ridiculous you need. Movie: Jojo Rabbit – best movie of the year. 

Something I’m excited about: That’s a tall order. The end of corona? 

The last “normal” thing I did before quarantimes: Went to champagne brunch!

Last used emoji: 😷

BYT Film Editor

Book I’m currently reading: I’m going to cheat a little and give you the last book I read and loved. It’s The First Fifteen Lives of Henry August by Catherine Webb. The less you know about it, the better, but it’s basically about a time traveler who has to save the world.

Tune of the week:I Just Want to Dance” by Sault. This group of anonymous musicians is creating the most urgent, satisfying dance music out there.

TV show/movie I recommend: Ema. The latest from Pablo Larraín is a wild cocktail of noir, reggaeton, and an institution-smashing plot. I saw it as part of this week’s AFI Latin American Film Festival, and you should probably do the same.

Something I’m excited about: Against my better judgment, I’m excited about The Trial of the Chicago 7, the latest film from Aaron Sorkin. It looks good!

The last “normal” thing I did before quarantimes: I had lunch with my parents in the Maryland suburbs. It was my mom’s birthday!

Last used emoji: 💩