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So the 4th of July has come and gone, but chances are you don’t remember much of it anyway; as such, I hope you will enjoy reliving the most patriotic of holidays with BYT and Kenny Vasoli of Vacationer, because we asked him to answer a lot of Ameri-fied questions in the interview below. (You should also be sure to grab the band’s new record Relief because it is AMAZING.) Here we go:

If you could change the National Anthem to any other song (yours or otherwise), what would it be, or would you keep it the same?

How about Freedom by Rage Against the Machine? It would be fun to hear at ball games at least.

Semi-similarly, how do you feel about the flag? Are you pretty okay with the design and/or colors, or would you rather it look different and IF SO, how would it appear?

I actually do like the flag.  Stars are cool and I tend to wear red white and blue very often. It’s a fine flag.  Maybe we can tie dye it..

AND if you could delete George Washington from the one dollar bill and replace him with someone else (can be famous / non-famous, fictional /non-fictional), who would that person be?

Hmmm.. I think I’d like to see Gene Simmons on there, doing the tongue thing full make up. He’d be stoked I think.

PS, do you think they’ll ever really get rid of pennies? I feel like they are always mildly threatening to get rid of pennies, but pennies are a necessary evil. (You don’t have to answer this one.)

Haha. Get rid of them.

Growing up we all had to pledge allegiance to the flag daily. What (as an adult) do you pledge allegiance to daily?

I pledge allegiance to my dog. I think that might be the only allegiance I am prepared to pledge.

Burgers are pretty much the most American food of all time; do you 1. eat burgers, and if you do, then 2. how do you take them? (See also: ketchup? mustard? no pickles? PLEASE DON’T SAY MAYO.)

I don’t eat burgers any more but when I did I liked cheeseburgers medium with the works but not with bacon. Mayo is completely disgusting.

If it weren’t a waste of a vote to write in a presidential candidate who’s not on the ballot, who would you ideally choose to be the next president of the United States?

The Nuge. I don’t really line up with all of his ideals, but he is solid gold hilarious and very motivated.

Thanksgiving is a runner-up for most patriotic holiday, so although it is a ways off, my next question is: what are the most important elements (for you) of a Thanksgiving celebration? (For me they are: forcing my dog to watch the Purina National Dog Show with me and eating cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole all day long.)

Thanksgiving has turned pretty chill for me.  My mom just wants a small celebration with my brother and Dad.  Usually just consists of the regular Turkey dinner with some Italian twists in the spread.  I’m not really a football guy so it’s usually an early bedtime kind of holiday for me.

AND NOW, because you’ve just released Relief, I’m going to ask you some Ameri-fied questions based on your song titles:
If you couldn’t “Stay” in America anymore (for undisclosed reasons), where would your runner up country be?

A few months ago I would have said Holland.  I holiday in Amsterdam any chance I get, in fact a lot of the first record lyrics were inspired there.  However, since going to Costa Rica to shoot the video for The Wild Life I think I may have  new front runner.  The vibe of that country resonated with me deeply.

If you could “Go Anywhere”  right now via teleportation, where would it be?

I’d absolutely love to go to Brazil.  It’s definitely at the top of my list of places I’m eager to visit.  I’ve become addicted to Brazilian music treasure hunting.  I’d love to go vinyl hunting down there.

And finally: what are your 4th of July plans, and can we come too?

I apologize this is coming in after the 4th, that’s actually why it’s delayed.  I made a road trip from Philadelphia down to Savannah, Georgia for my friend Maggie Hayes’ art show.  It was spectacular.  Not at all crowded with tourists and the most beautiful weather you could ask for.  My fourth ended with a very chill pool party at a house on the river, and that was after we went night swimming at the beach while fireworks were popping off.

How do you suggest we cure our 4th of July hangovers like true Americans?

I like to sweat off a hangover with a long bike ride.  That will give you a nice opportunity to recount the evening.

And what are your after-4th-of-July plans (apart from the Philly show / basking in the glory of this latest record release)?

I want to do a bunch of surfing this summer.  I’ll be on a full fledged east coast wave hunt!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! The most American interview ever to exist. Be sure to follow Vacationer on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news, and ALSO GRAB THAT NEW RECORD, YEAH?!