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As you may know we’re throwing quite the special NYE Party this Saturday (tickets are going very fast btw-so get yours now). Now, aside from the celebrity DJs and all sorts of other great stuff, we are repeating one of our favorite BYT Party traditions as well: a bunch of your favorite local bands playing guilty pleasure cover songs only all night! Here’s who’s on the docket.

  • The Dance Party
  • The State Department & Friends Supergroup
    (featuring members of Ra Ra Rasputin, Imperial China, Vita Ruins, Lightfoot, & Jeremy Teter)
  • Sunwolf
  • Silver Liners
  • Beyond Modern
  • Shark Week
  • The Plural Nouns Supergroup
    (featuring members of Loose Lips, Last Tide, Mittenfields, and Lightfoot)
  • Hiding Places
  • Dance For the Dying
  • META

So-to get you adequately excited for this, we’ll be playing videos of some of the songs you can expect to hear all week long. We won’t reveal which bands will be doing them but trust us, you don’t want to miss any of it. Starting out with this: