BYT NYE More Details +Line Up: JD Samson from MEN, Animal Collective DJ Set, Local Supergroups and more
svetlana | Dec 14, 2011 | 11:30AM |

As you may know by now-

It’s time again for a magical BYT NYE event!  We’re taking over the old Borders book store on 18th & L for NYE 2012: DJs & Beer & Books*

*granted, it will be pretty light on the books part

This event has sold out every year, so guarantee your spot by purchasing a ticket early.

Here’s what we did last year:  CLICK CLICK

So yeah, gonna be awesome.

Pre-Sale is only $70 and will get you a full open bar all night long – beer and cocktails
(Price may increase closer to event date)



**Animal Collective DJ Set in the FREAK OUT ROOM**

with Geologist + Avey Tare (and maybe Deakin too once he see’s how excited they are)

DJ Set by JD Samson of Le Tigre / MEN!

+ The Metaphysical (GKYK) and some other DJs!
(we’ll have three different rooms worth)

Giant Hampster balls to roll around in like a crazy person/pretend to be Wayne Coyne for a Day!

Lasers, pretty lights, and glow necklaces!

A special best of FotoWeek DC exhibit!

Plus the best thing ever – a bunch of your favoirte bands playing guilty pleasure cover songs only all night!

The Dance Party
The State Department & Friends Supergroup
(featuring members of Ra Ra Rasputin, Imperial China, Lightfoot, War Child, & Jeremy Teter)
Shark Week
The Plural Nouns Supergroup
(featuring members of Loose Lips, Last Tide, Mittenfields, and Lightfoot)
Hiding Places
and more!


with a little help from our friends:

Recent Comments:
  • svetlana Svetlana says:

    well, it is a party so there will be party music.

  • belubs says:

    Svetlana, you are totally right, I didn’t express myself well. I meant club-music (hit list music). Because I went to your Holiday Party and I looooved it! Except the music.. you couldn’t really dance to it! Thanks!

  • belubs says:

    I wanted to ask about the NYE Party. Which kind of music will there be? Party-music???

  • Eddiemercury says:

    Is there a Facebook event for this?

  • kimmykoko says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jade says:

    is this an all ages event or 21+ ???

  • eddiemercury says:

    Thanks! I’M SO PUMPED!!!

  • svetlana Svetlana says:

    Well, while we definitely cannot promise you Katy Perry/Rihanna/Drake 24/7 at the event (just sort of not the BYT way to do exactly what you can find in every single club), the bands are all playing dance-to-guilty-pleasure covers and hits (in the past it’s been everything from “Teenage Dream” to Prince) and NYE definitely is a lot of fun and we have multiple dance areas to choose from so you should be fune, I promise. But the Animal Collective room WILL get weird, so that’s a fair warning.