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This past weekend Kimberly, Katherine and I stopped by Conner Contemporary for the opening of the Kirchner/ Stark/ MacWilliam Show.

So, lets spend some words on them:

John Stark is a known name in London’s undergoundy art world but Mercurius Duplex is his solo exhibition in the U.S, and explores the connections between “high” and “low” art. Small in scale but effective in their highly graphic execution, and oozing almost a certain pop-mysticism “Stark’s paintings contain a world of desolate landscapes, imaginary destinations appearing at moments in crisp, exacting detail, only to dissolve into light or mist elsewhere. Never giving away too much information, or surrendering to academic formulas, he converses easily with traditions of landscape and figure painting, while also evoking colorful sci-fi posters, or sublime filmic vistas”


continuing the theme of the vaguely occult Belfast based Susan MacWilliam’s video is an extension of her research with the Thomas Glendenning Hamilton Spirit Photograph Collection (focusing on the paranormal, the supersensory, and the tradition of psychic research) in which she recreated the séance cabinet in which Hamilton had performed a séance in 1931


But lets face it, all eyes on Saturday were on  JOHN KIRCHNER’s Infinity Installation To create his 4th solo exhibition with the gallery, the DC-based artist physically and metaphorically deconstructs a 26 foot boat, which was originally built the year of his birth in 1955, and is intended to deal with themes of human nature, passing of time and our malcontent.

In a live performance in the gallery during the opening night reception, Kirchner confronted viewers with a provocative allegory of the human condition (aka-nudity). Neighbors called the police. Mission accomplished.

Snaps by Kimberly Cadena:

Connor-12 Connor-11  Connor-5 Connor-4 Connor-6 Connor-3 Connor-10

Photos by Katherine Gaines:

conner30 conner35   conner17 conner16 conner7 conner12 conner9 conner5 conner15 conner14

conner21 conner21 conner21 conner20 conner29 conner38 conner36