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Sean Bones provides just the right tunes to beat the recent heat of this DC summer; the music is funky reggae with a dash of grit that is sure to get you up and grooving in no time. Sean is in DC tonight @ DC9 and to get yourself ready for it we’ve got you covered with four tracks off RINGS (out now on Frenchkiss records) complete with backstories, which Bones (ne Sullivan) has provided for your listening pleasure. 


Easy Street
At a certain point last year, I started to worry that I’d been living in the city too long so I started writing my escape route in the form of Easy Street. It was my first ever solo release and it’s lead to great things-Frenchkiss, Wah Do Dem. A year later it reminds me of Sloop John B, a great song about a bad trip. I’m quite proud of it.

Sugar In My Spoon
Choose Your Own Adventure – Carphone Sneaker Slide, Slutty Operator, Fax Machine, Bump n’ Grind – this jam is about non verbal forms of communication. I quit guitar solos in favor of a punchy dance guitar this year and it feels good.

Delegated first single by label reps, Dancehall was written in the servants quarters of a dilapidated mansion in Walker’s Wood, Jamaica. Each piece was tested on unsuspecting locals and then workshopped in a rehearsal space in Brooklyn. Recording it was confusing, but the point gets across.

Captain Tying Knots
A story about Craigslist lust gone awry against a scandalous bass and drums background, Captain is a dark chapter in the book of RINGS. Its bassline was born in Washington DC and its recording was nimble. So far it’s a live favorite.


Like what you’re hearing? We thought so. Here are your crucial details to check out Sean Bones live in DC:
Where: DC9
When: TONIGHT with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Doors 8:30PM, Show 9:00PM
Cost: Eight bones ($8, ha, do you see what I did there?)