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First time Royal Bangs came to DC, it was, according to Megan, “was one of the deadest shows I’ve ever been to, including my sixteenth birthday party which my friend’s band “Tired of Trying” agreed to play; attendees included my parents, a handful of Ralph Wiggum-ites, and this boy only known as ‘The Mooney Suzuki t-shirt kid’. Which is a shame since the band is totally awesome. Anyway-they’re back in town this Sunday @ Black Cat and you have a chance to redeem yourself.-ED.

Royal Bangs hooked us up with three tracks off their sophomore album Let It Beep, which has been available since September 15th of this year. The new record’s sound has been described as a fusion of electronica and 1970’s pop/rock. Check it out for yourself right here (song descriptions by Ryan Schaefer):


“War Bells”–
I wrote this song after I had a badass dream about winning a war against androids. I think it will really pull people together when it happens, although the years of crushing servitude preceding it will be really shitty for our grandchildren. Anyhow, this song is about the weird, optimistic morning after, smelling like burning plastic, drinking in the street, etc. I imagined it would be a nice time to be alive. Plus it is a monster bass jam.

War Bells – Royal Bangs

“My Car Is Haunted”–
Chris spent a whole day banging on fire extinguishers to help make this. I’m really happy with how it came out– it’s a kind of dance music that nerds like us can get behind, because there is a long keyboard section in the middle where we can rest, in case we get tired from dancing too hard in the first part of the song. It is dance music for the physically unfit, for sure. Beyond that concept, it’s basically about being alone in the future, scared of wild animals and weird electricity.

My Car Is Haunted – Royal Bangs

“B & E”–
This song is about this fear that I have had since I was a kid — more of a prediction than a fear — that someone will break into my house to kill me in the middle of the night, and this is about waking up right before it happens. It will most likely not come true. Also, Sam plays clarinet on this one. Who knew?

B & E – Royal Bangs