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Larry Gus (Panagiotis Melidis) is set to play a Halloween show at Palisades AND a very sold out gig with YACHT at Rough Trade next week (and if you’re in DC, you can catch LG with YACHT at U Street Music Hall on Saturday November 7th); as a result of all his upcoming show dates, we’ve got a good old fashioned LISTENING PARTY in which Larry Gus gives six songs that inspired I Need New Eyes (which is out NOW on DFA, and which you should def-o download IMMEDIATELY), so give all of those tunes a listen, grab tickets to the show(s), and also be sure to follow Larry Gus on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news. HERE WE GO:


Scott Walker – The Seventh Seal

I bought Scott 4 around 17 years ago, after Scott 4 the band. I can’t decide between Scott 3 and Scott 4 or Tilt, but, yeah, I definitely want more Scott Walker movie song recaps in the vein of Seventh Seal. Ideally, a YouTube channel of him recapping TV episodes every week.

Joe Crow – Compulsion

When I first moved to Milan, Giuseppe Ielasi played in his car this early Cherry Red single to me on our way to Bologna, and that is almost 4 years ago. It’s such a simple song and everything works perfectly in it.

David Bowie – Blackout

Well mostly for the lyric, “I’m under Japanese influence and my honour’s at stake”, but in general, I got really locked onto Station to Station and Heroes while working on INNE, and https://bowiesongs.wordpress.com/ really really helped following all different threads around those albums.

Caetano Veloso – Gente (from Bicho)

Him and Jorge Ben are two constant sources of inspiration, and in fact I really want to make an album at some point that would sound like a combination of Big Star’s Radio City and Jorge Ben’s Africa Brazil, but here, that Caetano song helped me change a lot my approach with regard to basslines, drums and the timing of chords when writing songs.

Blonde Redhead – Pink Love

Well, that’s almost self-explanatory, but what is there not to love here? Cascading arpeggios? Almost non-sensical lyrics? Misery is a butterfly and melody of certain damaged lemons are my favourites, and maybe it has to do with the fact that Guy Piccioto produced those.

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin

Missa Luba – Kyrie

Vocals and percussion, percussion and vocals.