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I’m beyond stoked that HUGELY talented Finnish musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi is set to play TWO shows in NYC this week, the first being at Baby’s All Right on Friday night and the second being at MoMA PS1’s Warm Up this Saturday. BECAUSE both of those are still a few days away, this is your golden opportunity to 1. buy tickets to at least one, if not both, 2. put Jaakko’s BYT Listening Party on heavy rotation, ’cause it is REALLY GOOD, 3. grab a copy of his rad self-titled record (out now via Domino) and 4. follow Jaakko on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news. And without further adieu, here are his top picks for what you should be listening to and why:


1. Prince: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World


This is my recent Prince-favourite. One morning on our tour I just woke up with this song playing in my head and it stayed there for some weeks. It was weird because I didn’t hear that song on the night before or anything like that. It became my comfort song that I found myself humming at times. Fun fact: In 2007 Prince was sentenced for plagiarism. The song was ruled identical to one Italo disco song “Takin’ Me to Paradise” by Raynard J.

2. Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Macho

I think I recorded this song in the summer 2008 with my friend Inés who now lives in Los Angeles. I had just met her and somehow thought she would have a good voice even though she said she had never sang before. We made the whole song in one evening at our practice place. Inés is half French so we wrote the lyrics in French.

3. Fashion: Love Shadow

I got this song from my friend Matas Aerobica some years ago but just recently started to listen it again. Funny enough I remembered that they sing “Living in the world of shadows”. Mishearing or misunderstanding is a great source of inspiration. It has a great music video as well. Female vocals by Gina X.

4. Vitas: Седьмой элемент (7th Element)

My friend posted this song to me saying that it is the official summer anthem of 2015. I really can’t argue with that, the tongue roll is just over the top and I read that Vitas designs his own clothes too. This song is just too uplifting and nerdy. Like a Eurovision song from another dimension.

5. Jon Hassell: Ravinia / Vancouver


I found Jon Hassell’s “The Surgeon of the Nightsky Restores Dead Things by the Power of Sound” last summer and it was the summer soundtrack for me. I really like the sneaky creeping feeling his music has. Also at one party I met his manager or at least this guy claimed to be his manager and said Jon Hassell has some kind of condition in his lips and can’t play anymore. Anyway I found out that this is not the case and he is touring still. I even saw him talking about his work in London earlier this year. The only thing I remember was about “the original state” meaning some kind of non-dualistic state people used to have. Maybe he had some kind of temporary thing in his lips or this guy didn’t know him at all.