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Dreamy synth-pop sweethearts HAERTS finally dropped their first album, HAERTS, on Monday. Here, each member of HAERTS handpicks a song from the album that they think you should listen to.


Benny: “Be The One”
I remember the night Nini and I wrote it last summer. We were so close to finishing the album but knew that we were still missing something. We had been working all day on this song that had a bit of a Cyndi Lauper vibe and could not get anywhere, so we went for dinner instead. When we walked back at around 2am we listened to a voice memo of the chords we had been working with and we all of a sudden started humming the melody for Be the One.  It came out of nowhere and we realized that we had to finish it. It turned into something way heavier in sentiment than we originally thought, but that’s where we were at. It was the last song written for the album and as soon as it was done, we knew it was the missing link. It’s one of the darker songs but that’s because it came out of a certain darkness. Maybe it was hard to find it, because it was hard for us to truthfully articulate those feelings of heartbreak, expectation and love – the feelings that for me “Be The One” is about.



Garrett: “No One Needs To Know”


For me, the strongest image of “No One Needs To Know” is sunset karaoke.  When I think of this song, it exists as a moment and is very tied to a time and place.  Benny was alone playing around on some keybaords in our old studio on S. 6th Street in Williamsburg, getting what would be the foundation of the song.  A little bit later, Nini arrive at the studio and started singing on what Benny was playing, finding the melodies and working through the different sections.  A few minutes later I came in (all of this can be heard as it happened on the voice memo Nini started recording when she got to the studio) and I started playing some guitar on top of it.  None of this was planned, but one of the best parts of playing music is when you experience it completely unconscious of any end result, and then you stop for a second to realize that you have something.  It was how this one happened, very musically and completely of the moment.  The studio used to have a single very tall but narrow window that faced due west onto lower Manhattan, and we would often get views of these crazy apocalypse-type sunsets.  This was the setting for this song, the three of us in front of this window in this pink and yellow late summer light, and you can hear Nini on the voice memo say “We are doing sunset karaoke!”.  Not that this is what the song is about.  If you want that you will have to refer to its title, and use your imagination.



Derek: “Hope”
This song is one of the oldest, and has taken on many different identities. I remember when I had moved out of new york for a brief period to deal with a very intense family situation. It was at a time that everything felt in flux and very fragile. Benny sent the song over to me, and reminded me of the strong bond we have as a band and also as friends. It’s a strong emotion I still feel listening to it and performing it today. Its a reminder to keep pushing on even when it seems impossible to do so.



Nini: “Call My Name”


Some songs take time and some songs on this album have actually taken  a very long time and transformed a lot. With “Call My Name” it was the opposite. I came into the studio one night and Benny had just come up with the chords for the verse. I felt it right away and started singing the melody which straight away lead us to the chorus and the bridge and that was it. When you co-write a lot, it’s different because there are two people, two voices telling their story in a different way/”language” and it can take time, sweat and sometimes tears to melt the two. With this song we had that moment in which we spoke the same language. The vocal on the recording is the one we recorded that night and even though it has it’s flaws we kept it because it came out of that moment. A moment that was a call/a cry for love, but not only the love you get, but the love you are capable of giving.