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We recently had a chit-chat to Tinashe, who’s easily one of our favorite artists of 2014; Aquarius is OUT OF CONTROL GOOD, and we are BEYOND stoked that she’ll be playing the Highline Ballroom tonight in NYC and the Howard Theatre in DC Wednesday. If you’re chomping at the bit as hard as we are for the shows, distract yourself by internet-eavesdropping on our conversation below, in which we cover everything from 2014 successes to dream collaborations to astrology. (And obviously grab a copy of Aquarius, which is out now on RCA.) HERE WE GO:


This is kind of a crazy tour schedule you’ve got the next few days; Rochester tonight, then Michigan, then Canada, then New York City…are you driving or flying all of these places?

We rented a 16 passenger van and hitched a trailer to the back for all the merch and gear.  It’s close quarters but I love it.

And when you’re running around like that, what’s critical for you to stay sane and keep healthy? Anything in particular you try to do or have with you at all times.  

I need a B-12 shot and my pillow.  Both are both extremely important for my emotional and physical well-being 😉

Obviously it’s been a few months since you released Aquarius, BUT it still merits saying congratulations! People have said great things about it, which is obviously a positive thing, but how much do you read into what the critics think? Do you pay much attention to that sort of thing?  

I read the comments but don’t take them to heart one way or the other.  Being in this business so long, I have become comfortable with rejection. That said, it is always nice to read some flattering words about something I put 2 years of my life into.

Most records have to be whittled down at least a little bit by the end of the process; how many tracks did you have to leave off Aquarius when all was said and done?

No joke, over 100.

And would you say that was the most difficult part of the process (writing, recording, etc.) with this record? Or were there any other moments of significant struggle?  

The greatest hurdle i had to overcome was finding a rhythm with new producers.  I had become accustomed to working by myself in my home studio so incorporating other artist opinions into my music took adjustment but in the end it all worked out.

And what about the easiest or most fun part of it all?

Traveling around the world to record.

You collaborated with a lot of amazing people on the record; that being said, if you could choose anyone in the world (alive or dead) to work with on a new track, who would you pick?

Probably Andre 3000.

And even though you ARE working with a lot of people, whether it’s collaborating with other artists or working with your production team, you’re ultimately calling the shots as Tinashe. How do you find the solo experience to be as opposed to working in a multi-person setup?

I love the solo experience.  I’m a loner by nature so it suits me well, I think.

A couple of questions based VERY LOOSELY on the words in your song titles:

Aquarius: Are you into astrology at all // do you read your horoscope on the regular? (I’m a big Susan Miller fan, which if you are NOT into this sort of thing probably holds no meaning!)

I’m big into astrology and the cosmical.  Susan’s Astrology Zone is a good read 🙂

What Is There To Lose: What do you think was the biggest risk you took with Aquarius in terms of writing and/or production?  

Biggest leap was probably tempo.  I added some up-tempo records to my typical ‘atmospheric’ sound which I feared might throw some of my fans off,  but fortunately, for the time being, they seem to  be vibing to it.

Far Side of the Moon: They’re really cruising along here in terms of technological developments in space exploration; if someone in your lifetime offered you a trip to the moon (and you were guaranteed a safe return to earth) would you go? (I would definitely not.)

100% count me in.

And a few 2014 wrap-up questions:

Apart from your record release, what was the best moment of 2014 for you?

Having my debut record “2 On” hit #1 on the Rhythm Chart and stay there for 4 weeks.  That was a big moment for me.

What are you looking forward to leaving behind as we move into 2015?  

I honestly can’t think of one bad thing I would happily leave behind in 2014.  This year has been a beautiful one.

And are you the type of person to make resolutions? If so, how long does it typically take you to break those?  

I always say I will be better with remembering people’s names, but by the 2nd I’ve already messed that resolution up.

FINALLY: do you have any #HASHTAGSOFWISDOM to impart before we finish?

I’m a big believer in willing things into existence so I guess the only hashtag would be “TinasheGrammys2016”