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By Russ Marshalek & Megan Burns

Yesterday Pitchfork ran an article about a group of Swedish students at KTH (aptly called the Robot Project Group) who are in the process of building a robot dedicated to everyone’s favorite pop star ROBYN! Despite being mildly terrified at the possibility of humanoid robots taking over the planet, Russ and I were filled with SUCH JOY upon hearing about the project that we decided to reach out to the group via email and ask a few questions. Read all about whether or not we ought to love and/or fear robot-Robyn, about whether there is a “call your girlfriend” feature in the works, and whether she will respond to every command with “DON’T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” After you’re done reading, (PROVIDING YOU LIVE IN NYC) please come hang out with us at The DL for This Party Is Killing You, a FREE all-Robyn-themed party featuring the best Robyn tunes, a “Call Your Girlfriend” dance-off, prizes, and basically all things that are good (if you DON’T LIVE IN NYC-lets start a petition for them to do this party in DC too, k?).



What about Robyn inspired you to make a robot based on her, and in what ways will the robot be like Robyn?

TRPG: She’s a great representative for people going their own way. And she likes robots. As we do at KTH.

What power sources will robot Robyn run on?

TRPG: Pure awesomeness, except for batteries of as of yet undecided type.

Now that Pitchfork’s written about your Robyn robot, has everyone been asking you about it?

TRPG: Everyone that has read the article knows about project. Is that everyone? I think 99 percent of the population in Sweden knows about it. You’re forced by the King of Sweden to get a Twitter-account when your born. Otherwise you go to jail for five years.

What do you think robot-Robyn’s favorite Robyn song will be?

TRPG: Fembot, Robot Boy or maybe The Girl and the Robot. Probably one of her robot songs.

(readers, we’ll let you decide-ed)


Do you think robot-Robyn will take over the world?

TRPG: It’s only a matter of time now, Megan. Our objective is that the robot will succeed Ban-Ki Moon.

Will robot-Robyn have a “call your girlfriend” function?

TRPG: Yes, it will automatically call your girlfriend. And invite her for dinner.

What’s robot-Robyn’s actual name?

TRPG: We’ve received a couple of proposals. Someone said it would be named R2-D2 2.0. What an idiot. We’re thinking about calling it Megan.

What input did Robyn give you for the robot?

TRPG: She loved the idea of a dancing robot that imitates your moves, and she referred to a book about one of the Apollo Space Shuttles. She loved the organic and raw structure of the shuttle, so we’ll look into that. One thing for sure: Robyn is a hell of a smart person.

Will robot-Robyn ever respond to commands with, “Don’t fucking tell me what to do!”?

TRPG: Yes, you’ve probably seen Terminator 2?

WE CANNOT WAIT FOR ROBOT-ROBYN TO WALK AMONG US! In the meantime, though, there’s always ALL THINGS ROBYN tonight at The DL; definitely swing by or we will send robot-Robyn after you in a year or so.