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So back in July, Friday the 13th to be exact, I had the opportunity to speak with a Spirit medium and musician, named Glenn Klausner. Glenn’s a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, but he does readings for people all over the world in person and via telephone. He likens the communication process to a three-way conference call between himself, the caller, and the spirit/spirits of a loved one, whose thoughts and emotions Glenn can tap into and relay to the client. But we’ll get more into those kinds of technical details momentarily.

In the meantime, let me just say that I had a lot on my mind before this interview. I mean, I’d never talked to a Spirit medium before (save possibly engaging in multiple one-sided conversations with Sylvia Browne through the television screen…PS don’t you guys miss The Montel Williams Show?) so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Would he accidentally spoil entire seasons of television for me by revealing key plot developments months or even years before they occurred? Or, was he going to tell me that I had essentially just wasted $104 on a brand new month’s subway card because I was already dead and just didn’t know it? If so, was there some way to get my ghost money refunded so I could spend it on ghost beer? And somewhat less importantly, how did I die? Did an air conditioning unit fall on my head? Did I choke on a rogue boba while drinking bubble tea, which I don’t even really like but still buy sometimes?

This was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what was happening inside my ignorant brain, but I knew I had to play it cool and be professional, aka not ask questions that would reveal how heavily I rely on TV and movies for my noncredit continuing education. So rather than asking him all THOSE things, I asked him all THESE things instead. The resulting conversation makes for a very interesting read if I do say so myself. (And I do. Say so myself, that is.) So here’s Glenn on who he is, what he does, and what we can do to be more in tune and our own sixth sense.

So what’s the technical term we should use to refer to the dead here? Spirits?

Well, the deceased do not like to be called “dead”. They are very much alive than all of us on Earth because they are completely free from ego. We can call them Spirits, Love, or Energy Beings.

Okay, so we’ll refer to them as spirits, then?

We are Spirit beings too in the physical form, and they are Spirits in the non-physical form.

Well, that leads me to my next question. Where are they when they’re communicating with you, or even when they’re not communicating with you? Do you know?

This is a great question. All Spirits are omnipresent which means being everywhere at once. When people think that the non-physical dimensions named by humans as Heaven is above us, it is actually all around us. It’s like Skype in a sense. We can call anybody on Skype right now and if they answer, we can see each other on our computers no matter where we are in the world. How amazing is that? This is one of the best descriptions that I can give a person of how Spirit communication between them and us happens.

Getting back to how you said you see spirits as you’d see a person, is it just like you’d see me if I were standing in front of you?

Seeing Spirits is with the third eye. It’s like watching a movie on a screen in one’s mind. I do not see them as an actual, tangible person but I do see what they look like as if I was looking at a picture. For instance if you have a loved one who looks like Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, I will say that because it’s in my frame of reference and it’s very easy to validate the identity a Spirit that way. I hear all Spirits in my heart and on the right side of the brain, which is the intuitive side as well as above the right ear. I can feel their emotions in my solar plexus, which is located where the navel is because that is where the rawest form of emotions are. For me as a Spirit Medium getting the personality of the Spirit is more valid to me from the client than their name because there are over 80,000 names in the world, and even if you have two relatives in Spirit with the same first name as I do in my own family, they have their own distinct personas.

Do clients typically come to you? Or have you ever helped out if people are having trouble with a residential haunting? And, if I’m totally off about that last bit, how has the media misconstrued your profession? (I’m shaking my fist at Discovery Channel’s ‘A Haunting’ as we speak…)

Clients come to me, whether it’s by telephone or in person. I do not go to anybody’s home, nor do I go to do any of these houses that are so called “haunted”. We have to remember that everything is made up of energy, and that energy will always put out what is put in and vice versa. I can tell you that all Spirits return to The Divine Source of Pure Love by going and growing into the light of it when they feel ready to do so.  Generally speaking, Spirits in non-physical dimensions have no intention whatsoever of harming anyone because it goes against The Universal Laws of Pure Love.

I will say this about energy and how it works. We can go into a restaurant right now and feel this tremendous amount of Love and peace in that room because everybody is having a great time, but on the flip-side, let’s say we are at the same restaurant, and there might be people there who are in a non-loving and peaceful state of being, we would feel that energy too.

As far as what we are currently still seeing in the mainstream media, I do not watch any these psychic related shows. There is a lot of misconception about the job I do as Spirit Medium that some of the people in my occupation have not educated the media and public about such as having the people think that Mediums like me are talking to Spirits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find me a person who is being their job 24/7  because I really would Love to meet them, and ask them when do they find the time to enjoy their own lives and the people who are in it besides getting a good night’s sleep?

Now, could a “normal” person tap into their intuition in a way that is similar to your gift, but obviously not at the same level?

Everyone has intuition because we are all born knowing. Let’s look at children for an example. They are the most psychic beings in the flesh besides all animals. And the reason for this is that they have not been corrupted based on anyone else’s thinking. So everybody can tap into their intuition, it’s easy and there is nothing to fear. I know how the laws of attraction and the laws of belief work in the universe, so when a person says, “Their intuition is no good,” the more it will  remain true for them just like everything else in human life until they awaken in their consciousness. When a person learns how to trust their intuition more on a daily basis, the better the results will be.

As far as one’s intuition being at the same level as mine or yours would be somewhat different because everyone is unique and has their own abilities, gifts and talents at various degrees.  It’s the same thing learning a musical instrument such as a guitar. I understand this concept very well being I am also a musician. You might be influenced by guitar players like Jimi Hendrix as I am, but because he was his own creative expression, and you are your own creative expression, you are not going to sound exactly like him even if you know how to play all of his songs note for note, and use the same musical equipment he did.

I read on your website that you sometimes get premonitions of the future. Do you ever get those without being prompted by reading for a client? And if you do, and it’s very clear what’s going to happen (like maybe to a friend or family member) what do you do with that information? Do you try to change it if it’s a negative premonition?

Well, it’s very rare that I make world predictions though I have made many other predictions for clients. I am more focused on being present in the moment of now and enjoying my own life than living in the past and in the future. There have been times in the past that I knew and felt of what you call a negative premonition was going to happen, and when it did happen, all I can do is just send Love to where it is needed.  We as Spirit beings having a human experience have to remember that Earth is a school of learning, and that Life is a classroom and Love is the lesson.

So what’s your earliest memory or experience with your gift, or is there even one that stands out since it’s just always been there? Or when did you realize that you had an ability that maybe not everybody else had?

I remember at the age of four I would see my maternal grandfather in my home that I grew up at in Brooklyn. I did not personally know him being that he had transitioned into Spirit a few years before I was born. He would say certain things to me, and I would relay them to my mom, and she was able to validate it because it was her dad and she knew him very well.

Through my childhood and teenage years there were many things that would happen to me. For instance I would know which neighbor was coming to the door before they would even ring the doorbell, and back in the day when there was no caller ID, I would say to my mom, “Grandma’s calling,” and the phone was not even ringing. Then all of a sudden about a minute later the phone would ring, and there was Grandma!

That must’ve been great for your mom if she ever didn’t want to answer the phone for certain people!

(Laughs) Yes.

Well getting back to when you were growing up, or even now, do you find that people are ever afraid of what you do or react negatively it?

Luckily, I have not experienced a lot of that because as a child very few people knew of my psychic side. In the beginning of my career, a few friends of mine chose to not be friends with me because of it. They forgot that I was still the same person that they would go to a concert with.  Overall, I am very fortunate that a lot of people worldwide have embraced me with Love, and that in itself is something I am very grateful for.

Also, getting back to something you said earlier about how you’re able to turn your ability off and on, did you have to work on that when you were growing up? Or did it just sort of come to you naturally?

I turn it on and off with my own free will. Right now I am talking to you Megan as Glenn, a person and not a Spirit Medium by having this conversation with you in this interview.

So I also wanted to ask what your music is like…

It’s music from another dimension and if I had to say what genre it is, I call it Spiritual Rock. The lyrical messages in my Universal songs are Spiritually-based in consciousness, and my Love songs are purely Love songs. Musically my influences are everything from Chopin and Mozart to Jazz, Doo-Wop, Motown, to all the great British acts like The Beatles. I currently have 3 music videos on You Tube under my music name Glenn Kidd of songs from my upcoming 2013 C.D. release, “Breathe, Love, Life”.  It’s a 19 song album with a total of 19 musicians, and many of them are very well known in the music world.

Now, can you recommend any spots for us here in NYC since you’ve been here your whole life?

As far as restaurants go, I Love Blossom and Peacefood Cafe, that are both on the Upper West Side. They are organic/vegan restaurants and have really great people who work there. And the food is always great, and you can tell that it is made with Love. There is another place on the Upper West Side that I recommend. It’s called Primo Pizza 84, a meatless pizza place, and they have gluten-free pizza’s as well. All of their pizza is AMAZING, and also is made with Love.

Awesome, we’ll definitely have to check those out! Now just kind of in closing, do you have any tips for us to be more in-tune with signs or messages from spirits? Or even just in everyday life, any suggestions for ways to be more meditative or intuitive?

The first step is the willingness to be open-hearted so your consciousness can be tuned-in. Think of it like turning on an electrical appliance. With meditation that happens in various ways.

A person can be relaxing on the couch listening to Mozart, and get inspiration to do something. Notice that the word In Spirit is in the word inspiration. There is no specific way of how to meditate but I do recommend that a person does what is called rhythmic breathing which is something that all infants do. This form of breathing truly does wonders for the mind, body, spirit.

As far as signs go they come in unlimited forms. It can be a song that you have not heard on the radio in years yet it is significant for you or for your loved one in Spirit. Music is a great example of signs from Spirits because it is the easiest Universal language that everyone relates to. Numbers is another one. You can be driving and the car ahead of you reads your loved ones birth date on the license plate.  When we are open to Spirit communication and just simply let it be like a regular conversation would be with a person in the flesh, it works magically.

To learn more about Glenn, visit his website here; you will find his biography, answers to in-depth FAQ’s, links to his music and photography, rates, and much more.