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Sons of an Illustrious Father (Lilah Larson, Ezra Miller, Josh Aubin) are on the lineup for tonight’s Planned Parenthood Benefit at Park Church Co-Op, and (considering the often disheartening state of our political hellscape) I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you can grab them here; F The Pietriarchy is putting on the whole shebang, so in addition to sets by Honduras, the aforementioned Sons of an Illustrious Father, plus Thick and Thanks for Coming, there’ll be bonus voter registration and raffles, and (no brainer) you can also expect pies!

I was able to catch up with Sons of an Illustrious Father a few weeks back to ask them about their proclivity for benefit shows. In fact, the day I spoke to them they were headed to a hurricane benefit show in North Carolina.

“Generally we are open to opportunities to work collaboratively to create positive change with our performance. Fundraisers are one of the ways that that can happen,” Larson told me.

In terms of tonight’s performance, we may be able to expect to hear some of the new material the band has been working on. “We’re incorporating some of it into this tour,” said Larson.

The band’s sound, which has been described as “genrequeer”, tends to defy any sort of pigeonholing. But how do they know when a song is right for Sons of an Illustrious Father, versus when it might be a better fit for some of their individual side projects?

“Even though there aren’t really any lines of definition regarding what a Sons song sounds like, for me there’s something very palpable still about what makes material right for this band. There’ll just be a feeling, and immediately I’ll start hearing Josh and Lilah in various places in the compositions I have in my head,” said Miller.

Aubin agreed, saying “There comes a point in the writing process where you’re just kind of imagining the bigger picture, and I think that’s the moment where it becomes clear.”

Despite the trio’s busy schedules, they spend quite a bit of time together. I asked if there was any secret formula for the good chemistry they’ve got. Larson attributes it in part to “Diligence in communication and accountability. We devote a lot of time to talking about our feelings. Hard work, too.”

On being hardworking creative humans in the midst of such national turmoil, Miller credited the work of bell hooks as a pillar. “I like what bell hooks says about the practice of compassion – being able to live and create and work while confronting and observing the play-out of current events. I think we know that we can’t just take in all of the information about the horrors of the world without some sort of accompanying practice that helps our minds, bodies and spirits digest that information and process it into creative expression.”

And I’m sure we’ll be able to feel the effects of that practice tonight. Since the benefit is being put on by F The Pietriarchy, I had to ask – if Sons of an Illustrious Father were a pie, which kind of pie would it be?

Miller: “Certainly rhubarb. Blueberry rhubarb?”

Aubin: “Raspberry.”

Larson: “Blueberry rhubarb. Maybe rosemary?”

Miller: “Rosemary blueberry rhubarb pie.”

Larson: “Do they have sourdough pie crusts?”

Miller: “We want some sort of fermented crust.”

Larson: “Yeah, like a sourdough or a toasted injera. A blueberry rhubarb rosemary with gluten-free sourdough crust.”

I don’t know if F The Pietriarchy can whip that up in time for tonight’s benefit gig, but they should for sure consider it for future piemaking endeavors. Again, if you haven’t got tickets to the show, be sure to grab some right here – it’s going to be an excellent time for an excellent cause in excellent company, and you don’t want to miss it.

Featured photo by Ebru Yildiz